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1974 Roberta's letter -May 5

May 5, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi – It's Sunday night - didn't get a chance to get a letter written today at work so thought I would now while I'm watching "the opera" on T.V. – well Aunt Mary is watching it - I've just been sitting here eating for the last half hour – 1st my pudding then an orange!

Today was a good today at work – w/ Mother's Day coming up a week from today!  Now we are beginning to see alot of graduation cards & gifts (alot of CROSS pens, etc.)

This week I'll be working alot which isn't bad because I've just been working on Saturdays & Sundays ONLY!

Rob got back from the state contest (BAND) at St. Petersburg last night.  He got to spend yesterday w/ Mickey Mouse. (at Disney World.)  He seems to have had a really good time – though he got a 2 on his solo & the band also got a score of 2.

Tomorrow night is the Mothers-Daughters banquet down at the church.  Aunt Mary is take me –

I've got my paper all done for my criminal justice class - it's the whole entire grade so I hope the prof. likes it.  I did it on Motivation, Morale [or morals?] &  Police Productivity – also everyone defines it differently.

Dad – do I have a job for the summer??  I would at least be able to work two months – I can provide very good references – HA!  What are Serena's plans for the summer?

OH – please make a dentist appointment for me – late afternoon might be best – I don't want to miss any more work than necessary.

My girl friend Nancy has now lost 45 pounds in 13 weeks – she is really doing tremendous.  She's the one that is assistant manager at Hickory Farms cheese store – she gave me a whole pound of farmers cheese this past week.  I froze about half of it.

Yesterday, was trauma in real life at work!  I got sick at my stomach & everything else all of a sudden.  I had to come home about 2:30 p.m.  The worst part of it was that I work by myself on Saturdays – except when someone relieves me for lunch & breaks.  I called on of the men over from major appliances but he didn't even know how to run the cash register!  But finally personnel got someone down & I came on home!  By supper time – I was feel fine – it was just a temporary set-back!

Grandma – hope you are doing fine – do you weigh yourself every morning and are you still remaining steady?

I was at the beach 2 days this week – the weather here has been so nice – though we do need rain really bad.

I went to see Aunt Sarah today – she wanted to know if Grandma had made it back ok, etc.  She said to tell you hello Grandma.

Well, I've got a big Social Psych exam a week from tomorrow & better look at it a little tonight.

Thanks for all the letters –

Love, Berta

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