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2004 Family Emails -May 21

The two emails on this page are reversed to put them in chronological order. Some typos are corrected, others not.... Transcription follows.

From: HH
To: Family
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 6:52 PM
Subject: Friday May 21

HI Everyone:

MV, we appreciate the pictures - it will be college time before you folks know.  So sorry that we will be gone over the weekend of June 4th while you are here.  Welcome to use the house.  Glad that your next scheduled trip will be before July 3rd when we leave for Chautauqua.  Oh yes the AC man is coming this next Monday to check out the unit, for you may recall the difficulty lat summer when you were here.

John, there is a positive article on home schooling in today's WSJ on page W15.  According to the schedule we return to Newark on Wed. June 9th at 5 PM.  We leave on June 4th from the Eastland office.  What are the chances of going out for supper with us on the 9th?  We will come back to NV that evening.  Hopefully the shoe lady will call you re the shoes and brief case.

Serena . . wish we had something to report.

Roberta, sounds like you are super busy getting all the pieces put together.  Your Alice Springs article brought back memories.  We had supper out at the telegraphy site.  The Sr. Citizens are desperate for a program as we are to speak there on June 26th.

Catherine, what library experiences you have.  Wonder how much gas is in CA.  Speaking of old times gas was around 16 cents gallon when I was in High School and penny post card was still a penny  So that 25 cents an hour for mowing grass went a long ways.

Wish you were all closer for more frequent visits, but also to share in the garden bounty.  Each morning we have about 30 pieces of asparagus to "harvest", plus the rhubarb.  The first broccoli came in today and soon the peas and the raspberries will be ready.

Doris Martin has been having her troubles, makes us appreciate our parents more.

[Love, Mother & Dad]

* * * * *
From: John
To: HH
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2004 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: Friday May 21

Mom and Dad,
June 9th for dinner is fine for us.  Rachel from the shoe repair shop already called and I picked up the items WEd.  Total came to $60.80.

Do you want to leave your car here while you are on your trip?  Kate has her recital this afternoon and Andrew receives his soccer award at 2PM.  Love, John

p.s. We leave Tuesday morning for Philadelphia and should return on Sunday.

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