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1974 Roberta's Letter to G'ma - May 26

May 26, 1974
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  This is the last Sunday I'll be working for awhile – as I told them I didn't want to work next Sunday and since Wells doesn't work their employees on Sundays!

We haven't been busy today or yesterday – everyone must be gone for the Memorial Day Weekend!

Marianne went up to see Storm for the weekend – guess they had some things to work out about the wedding, etc.

Yesterday I took 2 dresses to the woman I met through weight watchers who did all the altering on my clothes in March.  Guess what she said – she told me that she could tell I had gained weight – esp. in my face.  (I think she said that to make me feel better!)

After the above experience I decided I would write the dear doctor and tell him I was going off my medicine – because they aren't doing what they are supposed to do & all they have done is to put 10 pounds of ugly fat on me!!  After I tell him I'll ask for his permission.

My girl-friends mother gave me about 6 beautiful mangoes the other night.  I put in "an order" for you & she said she would give me some to take up to you.  Also there might be some from the Hortons tree – but they are a different variety – this way you will have 2 kinds.  Mangoes don't have salt in them – do they?

I hope my clothes make it till I get home – how would you like a few jobs?  I've got a blouse that's torn under the arm, 2 buttons off a dress, pants with a ripped seam, etc. . . .  Nancy's sister Barbara is making me some tops & shorts – I thought they would be nice to wear at the shop this summer.  One pair of the shorts are bright red & the other pair is bright orange – you'll be able to see me coming & going!

I went to see Aunt Sara [her husband, Howard Horton 1885-1959, was a brother of  Uncle Bill's father, Joseph Horton 1884-1926]  this morning & took her some Butterscotch candy.  Did I tell you that she gave me some money for my birthday?  That seemed to really surprise everyone!  She appreciates everything people do for her – I invited her to go to Church next Sunday – told her I'd come & get her, but she said that she was out of the habit of going!

The store is really dead today – it's almost 1:30 and I've had _2_ customers – they just bought cards – less than $1.00.  I shouldn't complain – I've got my Juvenile Delinquency book & notes here to study – the the BIG EXAM is on Wednesday!!

Hello to all the family – I'll be seeing you soon!

Love, Berta

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