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1994 Roberta's Letter -May 21

The trip being referred to in the first paragraph is to Supai, Arizona, part of the Havasupai  Indian Reservation within the Grand Canyon (west of the main tourist sites on the south rim).  Access is via an 8 miles trail, mule or helicopter.  The main tourist site at the bottom is Havasu Falls.  No clues about the homemade items mentioned in the second paragraph. Transcription follows.

Hi Mom & Dad!
All plans are made ––
for Mom to come & go by helicopter (7-10 minute ride) vs 4 hours on the horse!  In order to coordinate we moved up hiking 1 day earlier – helicopter runs only on Fridays / Sundays.  Actually that works out better for rest of us w/ work schedules - etc.  I'm really looking forward to the hike & time at the bottom.  Spoke w/ Catherine & she is happy you both will be able to make the experience!  We will all fill a bag to go w/ Mom down & back up!  Maybe we should chip in on the air-fare!

The enclosed are a home made item – can you tell what they are made from?  Something you eat – quite often!  Do you want the recipe?

We have a group of scouts here today – 1 of them getting Eagle (sp?) Scout – really doing lots – landscaping & park benches that are bolted into concrete – last two sets stolen!

I would have called back but in the mail came telephone bill – let's just say it was bigger than Christmas month.  Sid & I are both capable of [upward arrow] phone bills.  We actually don't mind – I'll just cut back a day or two.  HA!

Went to the pool again today – after eating out w/ my friend Margaret Raps – her husband died last September while I was in NYC.

Spoke to Sid who is happy to be in Northampton – has been taking walks there – It would be an interesting town to walk in.  Sara lives w/in walking distance of Smith College.

I've been cleaning out closets – trying to locate the quilt that Elizabeth Johnson gave us the year she died.  Haven't found it yet – but have found lots – some I had forgotten about.  We haven't thrown out much!

Our church had a special music program – college singing group complete w/ orchestra from Amarillo Texas – about 40 total in the group.  It was a night of play-off games for Phx Suns Basketball – only 11 people there and 2 of them were parents of one of the students.  I had intended to leave early – had not had any supper before I left.  But I didn't have the nerve to walk out!

Mom – how does it eel to be w/out cast & able to take a bath?  Have you been able to drive?  Just let me know if you want G'ma's light wheel chair in Colorado.  Might bring it for Aunt Mary or whoever.

I broke my glasses – trash can lid hit me.  Had been thinking about getting new ones – just about 2 years.  I go to the place that has DES contract but they also take $ paying customers.  I think exam/glasses cost me $50 last time!  Such a deal!  Now that my glasses are in 4 pieces, I'm motivated to get new ones!  Do have extra pair – about 5 years old!  These old eyes have changed!

Oh – I saw Wells Combo for $2.49 in the Fry's Store.  Yeah!

Gotta go –––

Much love, Roberta

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