Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2004 Roberta's Email -May 20

Roberta needs to enlighten us about where she was working in 2004 – someplace with a new building. Was this Royal Oaks?  [Update: Roberta reports this was the remodeled space for Chez Nous.]

From: Roberta
To: Family
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 9:10 PM
Subject: My next job

I want to work based on a school calendar!  Actually every day brings new headaches with this new building.  Now we have to have things replumbed for the ice maker and the refrigerator doesn't pass code, there is no electrical outlet near where the sound system is to go, and the fire extinguisher needs to go right where we were going to put in a paperback exchange . . . . and and and . . . . . .  I told my boss today I might start losing my hair!  Then when I got home I find out the local book store that was going to do book reviews once a month just went out of business.  Guess I should count my blessings . . . . .

I am hoping that Wendy Jean would put out for all of us to see her recent diverse scenario that I got to read last night.  It was so good . . . . . I was telling her she should go out on the circuit and do some diverse training for non-profits  . . . . or for profits . . . . . I just know more about non-profits and the need for diverse training.

More later.  This house looks like it got professionally ransacked.  I need to organize the Sr. Center piles of papers.  Right now I have them scattered over three rooms and it is beginning to even bother me!  Almost
Friday, Love to all, Roberta

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From Roberta: This was when Chez Nous was being changed from golf cart storage space to Chez Nous. Thanks again for the memories.

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