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1984 Family Letter -May 20

Sunday, May 20, 1984

Dear Family:

Rain again today . . as they say if it rains on Easter there will be rain for seven consecutive Sundays . . . . yes it is running true.  Anyway, it comes late in the afternoon so no problem in getting Grandma to and from S.S. and Church.  Both your Mother and Grandmother appreciated the Mother's Day Cards and notes. .

We have had plenty of newspaper reading today after being in the Cleveland area for three days this past week for the annual meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association.  Going to these meetings drives home the point that there is so much more yet to learn and how overcrowded the legal field is, with half of the attorneys having graduated in the past ten years.

The beavers have been busy on a small stream behind the Auburn Methodist Church and have built quite a dam with an area as big as our back yard now under water.  The "construction" is quite a tourist attraction in the area – also on TV.

The Morgans gave us BIG news just before leaving for Cleveland.  They are moving to Colfax, Washington . . . a county seat town of some 2500, 60 miles so. of Spokane.  Wendy still plans to come to NV for two weeks starting June 23rd and part of the trip may coincide with Serena's return to Chicago.  Roberta also plans to be here for 1 wk.

Haven't heard a thing from Elderhostel about schedules except the trip departs from NYC on July 11th for three weeks.  The Hortons never got a reservation thru Elderhostel so have signed up for a trip in Austria.  They are leaving L.W. this next Wednesday and will be Thursday and Friday, before going on to Bill's home area for a 50th wedding anniversary for his brother on Saturday.  (Their trip to Austria is in August.)

Last Tuesday night was the retirement dinner for Virginia Walker at the Golden Lamb - real nice.  Patty & Jim Ryan were there as well as Betty Ann and their aunt (Va.'s sister - Betty).  She wanted Jack invited but he was not there.  Jack and Patty and her little boy are leaving the 29th for a visit with Nancy - The latter two for two weeks but Jack for perhaps the whole summer.  Guess Virginia will go after Jack gets back.  I had first heard it was Jacalyn [spelling corrected] but heard it is definitely Jack, her father.

Shirley Bernard and her husband Jim now have a daughter Elizabeth Bernardette who weighed 9# 10 oz.  Clever name I thought.  They live in Dayton.  The baby was born May 1.  Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier, Catherine

Hope that John and X have a nice vacation in Florida at Sanibel.  They were flying down last Thursday, the 17th, I believe.

As Dad mentioned I sure did appreciate the Mothers Day cards and notes.  MV and Mie Young joined us for dinner at the Buckeye Lodge.  MY is going to Korea this summer - possibly her last chance while her parents still live there.  MV is planning to work at the college 7:30-4:30 this summer.  M.V. and Grandma have reservation for a cruise trip to Bermuda for a week, leaving NYC on August 25th.

Roberta is to be here for a week . . June 19 to 26th.  Also Sid & Bert will be here later this summer.  Glad to hear that John is getting some experience at the Bank outside the Trust Dept.  Personnel work sounds more to his liking and abilities.  Plan to see them (John & X) on the day we pick up Wendy in Columbus, if all goes well.

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