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1974 Roberta's Letter -May 22

May 22, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  Gee – can't believe that in 2 weeks my exams will be all over!  John – I'm anxiously awaiting to find out your plans as to coming South!!

I'm "moon-lighting" again tonight – babysat both last night and tonight.  It's really a good deal for me because after about 8:00 p.m. this place is so quiet you can hear a pin drop – so I'm able to get alot of studying done, etc.  The only part of the job I dislike is that I have to make ice cream cones for the kids every time – right before they go to bed!!

Nancy stopped in last night to see after she had been to W.W. – this week was her 16th week as a W.W. and she has lost 52½ pounds.  Needless to say she is quite happy!

Oh – Sunday night she had me & some others over for diner.  She fixed a really good W.W. dinner – sirloin steak w/Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, etc.  It was really good!  She even fixed rice w/it – had all my favorites!  Then afterward they gave me a white lacey think to go over a bathing suit and also a big white hat! ( – as late birthday presents.)

Monday I had quite an experience w/ the Buick.  On my way to school I "lost" some of the pipes that go w/the muffler – well – on my break I decided I would go to Delray Beach to the Midas place and get the situation checked out.  By the time I got to Delray the Buick was making more noise than a semi-truck.  So I got to Midas and they put the car up on the racks and what you could see looking up at the car was a sight to behold.  Well – they told me it would be $75.00 – (everything was "going or gone" as far as the muffler goes) and I only had $40.00 worth of Traveller Checks w/me!  (which I was lucky to have)  Also – out of luck – I had a Burdine's paycheck for $60.00.  I went around to all the banks in town trying to cash it – finally one took pity on me & did cash it.  Some _4_ hours later  left Delray – no longer sounding like a semi – but purring like a kitten.  I just went on home – didn't go back for my afternoon class!

Tuesday Aunt Mary, Mares & I all went to Fort Lauderdale shopping.  I spent some of my birthday money – bought a new bathing suit, also a blue blouse w/big white animals on it – or maybe it's white with big blue animals on it!  I still have a few dollars left so I'm planning on buying a dress this Friday when I'm at the Mall – at Fountains.  I've had my eye on it for some time – just hope it's still there.

Hi – now Thursday evening – this morning got my hair cut – just short the usual way.  The woman who cut it said I had some grey hairs coming in – school must be doing it – HA!

Then this afternoon I went to the beach for about an hour – would I have liked to have been out longer but w/exams coming up . . . . .

Mom – got your letter today – was happy to hear that J.B. is making his plans to come down – but was wondering if he might be able to come down either the night of the 29th (Wednesday) or come down after 8:00 PM on the 30th.  As I'm going w/Rob to Tampa on the day of the 30th – also Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill will be at Lakeland next week for the Church conference so they wouldn't be able to pick J.B. up either.  Make your plans John – then let me know – ok – but it would be dynamic if you could go to Tampa w/us!  Rob just has to go for an audition for the band.

I'm afraid we won't be able to leave till Thursday – the 6th of June.

Mother – Marianne was wondering if she could borrow any of your maternity clothes & if so could John bring them down?

Mary V – we all enjoyed your letter yesterday – once we were able to get it opened!  You are really getting the sponsors for your bike ride!

Grandma – your weight is really down – f all that is because of not using salt – maybe I should quit using it!

John – please get all the routes, etc. straight w/Dad before coming down.  I think I have all the necessary maps.  End of next week I'm going to have a check-up on the Buick in preparation for the trip – one thing we shouldn't have is muffler trouble –

Please make a dental appointment for me – before June 28th if at all possible.  My teeth have been hurting me for 2 weeks now –– I think I lost something in my mouth – maybe just a filling ––

Love, Berta

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