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1974 Roberta's letter to MV -May 18

1974 Roberta's letter to MV -May 18
May 18, 1974
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  was nice talking to you on my birthday – it was funny that I had gone to bed (mainly because the lights were out) and you were still up!!

How many more weeks of school do you have?  I have three weeks of school left – but only 6 days left – and 3 of those 6 days I'll only have 1 class the whole day!  Pretty good, huh?  I'm really looking forward to a "leisurely" summer!  We'll have to go to Kings Island – even if the price has gone up $1.00!!

I meant to thank you for the 2 articles you sent me awhile back – about the woman wanting to lose weight so she would look good in her casket – also the police woman article.

Today was the W.W. seminar.  I really enjoyed it.  I got a necklace and also a certificate of accomplishment for working for them.  I was one of the youngest there!  I even got my picture taken – imagine that?  We had a really good lunch – ½ cantalope [sic], then salad, green beans, carrots & peas, ½ of a broiled chicken, and then for dessert we had W.W. Ice Cream!!  Also bunches of stuff to drink – all kinds of diet pop!

Please tell G'ma that Uncle Bill's friend – Mr. Kline – died today.

Love, Roberta

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Mary Crowson said...

Roberta, this post makes me think of some of the meals I've had at TOPS rallies and/or SRD---not necessarily the healthiest choices!

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