Monday, May 12, 2014

2004 Cleveland Library postcard -May14

Postcard Cleveland Public Library, Main Library -Louis Stokes Wing.  Captioned: 352 Superior Avenue, Cleveland Ohio 44114-1271.  When seen lit at night the crystalline shape of the Louis Stokes Wing represents the symbol of the Library, the lamp of knowledge.  It's a library building that looks to the 21st century. Photograph by Cervin Robinson.
2004 Cleveland Public Library postcard to Morgans -May14
[from Jean] This is the new C.P.L. Was here this AM & meeting Dad for dinner tonite after the bar mtgs are over.

Had too big a dinner – feel really stuffed now – but room for ice cream.  [from HH] The old P.L. is more like a mauselim (?) - a 1922 bldg. Staying @ Holiday Inn Ex - ½ price compared to convention Hotel.  Love, Mother & Dad
Postcard Cleveland Public Library, South Facade. Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  Captioned: Landmark building opened May 6, 1925, a part of the Daniel Burnham Group Plan for Cleveland.  Renovated, 1997-1999. Rededicated, May 22, 1999. Walker and Weeks, Architects. -Mailed 2004 
2004 Cleveland Public Library postcard to Wendy -May14
This is the first CPL still in use along with the new one right beside it.  Much different than I remember it than when I lived in Cleveland (1945-49)

Your Granddad is attending the Ohio Bar meetings here from last Thursday til tonight & then we'll head home.

Sorry I don't have your address to send it to you direct.  Much love, G'ma & G'pa Uible

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