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1984 Catherine Letter -May 20

May 20, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Gee, how many months has it been since I last wrote a letter?  I'm going to have to improve on that.  Of course, for the next few weeks I will probably have less time than usual, but typing does make a nice break from packing and cleaning.  That is what I spent yesterday doing -- sorting out things in the garage to go to the dump, the thrift shop or to take with us.

Today Wendy and I are going to try to pack up her books and most of her toys.  Wendy wants to have a garage sale but we really don't have that many things that would be worth selling to go to the bother.  I figure the thrift shop is a good alternative.

We think we might rent our house instead of selling it.  There are more tax advantages that way and right now it is very difficult to sell a house in Madras as there are so many up for sale.  Within two blocks of our house we know of four houses for sale.  And Wendy's friends the Cooks (who hope to move to Eugene where he already has a job and is commuting on weekends) is for sale in Madras Ranchos which might be considered a higher class residential area with 2½-5 acre lots.  Not only is their house for sale but the one across the road from them and the one next door are for sale.  Anyway, we showed our house to some prospective tenants last week and they are to let us know by Wednesday.  They are willing to sign a lease for a year and we know them so that makes it easier.  She is a school teacher and he is assistant district attorney with no children.  Right now they are renting a house about 20 miles out of town and are tired of commuting.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will take it.

I am going to Colfax this Friday for a job interview.  It is for a clerk position in the Whitman County Library.  I think they are worried about my being over-qualified for the job.  I fell [sic] that it would make a good starter job and would help me get my foot in the door of the library community.  If it doesn't work out then I will probably spend those two weeks that Wendy is in Ohio, looking for a job.  If I do get the job it starts June 25 so it would mean that the first two weeks on the job would be while Wendy is gone so would give me a chance to get a babysitter lined up.

Speaking of Wendy and Ohio, I did change her reservations so that she will be flying from Spokane to Columbus, still on June 23 and returning on July 7 only now it is via United Air Lines with a plane change in Chicago.  We are to pick up the tickets on Tuesday so I will let you know the times and flight numbers after that.  A travel agency just opened in Madras a few weeks ago so I went through them.  You will be getting a $20 refund either from Frontier or we will send it to you if it comes to us.

I forgot to mention how I am getting to Colfax.  I think I am going to drive to Portland and then fly from there to Pullman.  The plane leaves Portland at 7:00 a.m. and then I will return at 8:45 p.m.  I will probably drive over Thursday evening and stay all night with our friends who live in Portland.

Gerry brought home a whole bunch of boxes from the co-op so I have spent the weekend packing things that I hope we won't miss for the next few weeks.  Wendy and I got most of her toys and books packed this afternoon as well as extra dishes, pots & pans, etc. that I think we can live without for the time being.

Next weekend Gerry and I are gong on an overnight rafting trip down the Deschutes on Saturday and Sunday.  Wendy will be staying with the Cooks.  Several other couples are going rafting with us so that should be a fun experience.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 70's but there was also a 55 mph wind.  Today there wasn't much wind but the temperature didn't get above 60.

I borrowed the library's typewriter to write this as our good typewriter is not working and after getting used to a good typewriter the portable electric seems a bit primitive.  I am in hopes of getting the other on in the repair shop for an estimate before we leave so I'll know whether it is worth taking with us.  Someday I'll have a word processor.

Well, I better close.  It's almost dinner time.  I'll try to write again soon.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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