Sunday, May 04, 2014

1954 Doll Postcards from Europe

These cards were not mailed and with the mention of having grandparents read them to us most likely were included with a letter to CJ and Gladys.  
Feeding Doll card sent to Roberta - 1954
We hope your dollies like to eat as well as you do.  Bet Grandmother & Granddaddy will read them to you & Catherine the next time they see you.  Wish we could see what you are doing too.  Love & XXX, Daddy & Mommie
1954 Doll Postcard sent to Catherine from Europe
These cards reminded Daddy & Mommie of you & Roberta & hope you are taking good care of your dolls – keeping them neat like this little girl is doing.  Love & XXX, Daddy & Mommie

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