Saturday, May 24, 2014

1984 Catherine's Note -May 24

Catherine goes to Colfax for a job interview and house hunt. Transcription of this short note follows.  [This note may look familiar to those of you who subscribe by email as I accidentally hit publish before setting the publication date.  Here it is again in proper sequence.]

Thanks for your letter and the $$ which we rec'd today.  We'll be able to discuss repayment after we are settled.

I am leaving for Portland this afternoon and then on to Colfax tomorrow.  Then our raft trip Saturday & Sunday so Monday will be our day of rest.

I hope this itinerary is OK with you folks [probably re Wendy's traveling to Ohio? or maybe not.  Perhaps Serena remembers!].  I have another copy to send to Serena.

I am enclosing the $20 for the difference in the tickets.

Love, Catherine

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