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1974 Cris's Letter -May12

Cris writes a long letter to Grandma – a special treat for her. Interesting to read about his early homemaking skills. The letter was obviously passed around as on the back in Jean's handwriting is written "Please send this on to Catherine."  The return address is listed as 13451 Philmont Ave, Apt. D-42, Philadelphia.  Postmarked May 13, 1974.  Transcription follows.

Mother's Day
1974 [May 12]
Dear G'Ma,

Please do not faint, it is really your Grandson Cris – all things are possible, right?

First of all did you get home alright?  Did you ever get your tickets I reserved for you?  Was "Delta Ready When You Were?"  I hope I didn't complicate things – I apologize if I did.

G'Ma a month has expired since I saw you last and I must say, I've made some radical adjustments – from independence to dometicity [sic].  In other words life is one big "hasselle." 

Actually things are finally beginning to settle. I don't know whether anyone told you about my apartment, so . . . .   Well the rent is $150.00 for two bedrooms, living, bathroom and kitchen.  Rooming with another trainee from Cornell, so that helps the rent expense.  We are only 8 minutes from work so that's convient [sic]. Also there's a Methodist Church ½ mile away (only church in the immediate community)!  There is a nice Pantry Pride (Grocery store) near by for food.  That's another story and a half!  Across the street from the apartment is a nice baseball field, so I can start running again!  From where I live, I can be at Mares' House in 1:15 minutes.  Of course we're right by the railroad transit to down town.  Very lucky – too bad I'll be picking up stakes in another 3-4 months.

You'll be interested to know between the classifieds in the newspaper, friends and action's Clark (my roommate) and I furnished the apartment for $360.00.  That includes 1 sofa, chair to match, 2 living room chairs, 2 coffee tables, 2 end tables, 2 desks, kitchen table (2 leafs), 5 chairs, 2 twin beds, 2 dressers, 1 night stand 2 pole lamps, 3 rugs (2 oriental), and last but not least a "Boston Rocker."  I told my boss what I had bought for my apartment and he wanted to move me to the Purchasing Dept.  Ha!  I guess he wanted me to help beat rising prices.  The Boston Rocker is my most "Prized Possession."  I just refinished it this week, it's beautiful!  I stained it dark oak.  G'Ma between that Rocker and the loaves of bread we made in Florida I don't know which I enjoyed working on most.  Ha!

That brings me back to my cookin'.  G'ma I need a woman, excuse me a wife that is.  The time I get home from work, cook, clean up, and do my house chores it's time to get into bed. I don't even hardly have time to read the Wall Street Journal in the evening.

Anyway, my first three meals (attempts at cooking) included, tuna-fish casserole, lamb chops, and ham with a raisin pineapple sauce.  Mom would be amazed!  And you know the food even tasted good.  – Everything is possible.

Also I have registered (or will be) at LaSalle College for a course in French.  The Company flips the bill so why not ($300)?  Hope I can speak a little French when Joe gets here in August.  Will also try to brush up on a computer language (Fortran IV) and do alot of reading between some Philadelphia Orchestral concerts.  We'll see.

Hope everything is fine.  How is your Hawaii trip coming?  Surf's Up!!??  Let me know when you're leaving.  Don't forget to take your surfboard G'Ma.

Take care and would enjoy a letter.

Love, Cris

P.S. Hope the Uible Family is still in A+ condition.  G'Ma your [sic] fortunate, not too many people rate a 4 page letter from me!  Ha!

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