Monday, May 26, 2014

1974 John's (draft) Resignation Letter -May 23

There is a slightly different version of this letter on the other side of this draft. I have "merged" them to show the side that also has a message to Serena. Transcription follows.

May 23, 1974
Mrs. Stubbs, Circulation Manager
Wilmington News Journal
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Dear Mrs. Stubs:

As of Saturday, May 25 John will be no longer handling the News Journal.  The new agent, Greg Dodd will take over as of Monday, May 17, 1974.  Please bill us only through May 25, 1974.

ALL News Journals for New Vienna are to be left at the Dodd house and the paper should list GREG, BETH AND CHRIST DODD as CARRIERS.

It has been an interesting and worthwhile experience for our children to deliver the News Journals for the past ten years or so.


* * * * *
Hi, Serena.  
So glad you are home –––
Love, Mother

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