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1984 Sid's letter -May1

Excerpts from Sid's 4-page [Correction! Realized at the end of page 2 that the last two pages are a different letter, dated May 23rd which will be saved until later – so actually only a 2-page] letter are included below focusing on recognizable names such as "Roberta".  The first page is scanned.  Transcription follows.

May Day
Dear All,

Tis May Day . . . . Roberta's at the 24 hour Nautilus tonight exercising and has a session of Weight Watchers tomorrow night.  We do Richard Simmons morning and night.  Roberta has been making the heart (and purse) of our dentist happy.

Had diner last night in Mesa (or rather Apache Junction) with Vaud and Vurginia [sic] Bennett.  First interviewed Vaud on 5/1/52 - 32 years ago.  Roberta mooched from the restaurant some Western-type place mats and will use them this Friday for a "Western Day" S/V is having.

Went to church at Bethany Presbyterian again last Sunday.  Roberta always manages to transact some S/V business while there.  Some lady had done quite a batch of alterations for residents here and we picked them up and brought them home.

While I think of it, for you gourmet cooks, have you ever tried spaghetti squash?  We did recently and it is a most unusual vegetable.  It looks like an ordinary yellow squash (it is actually a gourd) but after baking, the insides come out looking like regular spaghetti - in strands.  I fixed a tarragon and garlic sauce (from Roberta's Weight Watchers cook book) and it is not bad.

Roberta had her hair cut, not too short this time, and it looks very nice.  She has a new type f hair dressing called chocolate mousse (you can't eat it) which brings out the high lights and it does look spectacular.  Roberta is home from the Nautilus now and she commented that she had lost 4 pounds since was last there a week ago.

Roberta is working on her legal snack of grapefruit and yogurt.  She is getting that Richard Simmons look in her eye.  There is no better motivation than success.  If you remember that saying from Lil Abner, "What is good for General Bullmoose is good for the country."  What is good for Roberta is good for Sid (even if it seems like it is going to kill him).  I must get myself psychologically prepared for this bone bending and muscle stretching.

Love --------------Sid

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