Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter to MV -May10

Is Roberta's handwriting easier to read upside down? – not that much harder actually.  Note the cute writing of her name at the bottom of the picture.
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks alot for all of your letters – how did you take your finger print on that one letter?  We got all kinds of neat stationary in at work – I was going to mail you some but then I found it cost more to mail it than it actually cost!  So maybe I'll bring you home some in June!

How do you like this stationary – did you notice the name under the picture?

I've been super busy – last night I had to give a presentation in my criminal justice class – I'm sure glad it's over – I'll find out next week what my grade is!  If its's good – I'll write and tell ––BUT–– if I'm quiet about it – you'll know what happened!!

How's school going w/you – it must be nice to be on the honor roll – we saw your name in the paper!  Monday I'm having a BIG test – I'm really dreading it – we have some really smart people in the class & I don't even think they understand the stuff!

I went to the beach last week & got a little tan but this week I worked all week – so my tan is disappearing fast!!  Write again soon – we are all among the living down here.

Love, Berta

PS – appreciated the newspaper articles!!

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From Roberta: I can remember seeing Mary Virginia' s name on the honor roll and thinking just before my presentation "be happy to get a "C". A bit of trivia you all might NOT know is that I had to get a variance to graduate with criminal justice degree and NOT take firearms class. I hate guns. ..must be the good Quaker influence. My writing is bad....had one boss that would only take type written info from me after she quoted something I had hand written. Also remember at the J and W restaurant many orders were made wrong and cook always blamed my writing! !??!

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