Sunday, May 18, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -May15


Here's a collection of Reading material – we have been to Mediterranean House w/the Morgans – it's on the one side of list of Restaurants & then for the soup recipe.

Thanks again for the delicious looking Birthday Card & the check.  Now I know why we put off getting new drapes – Now thinking of going w/ Vertical Blinds & something light just to "dress" up the windows in 2 of the Rooms!

Talked at great length to Aunt Mary tonight.  She is already worried about what clothes to take to Estes!

I'm enclosing a copy of Hike plan that a friend of a friend did last year at Havasupai –

Morgans got me a sports watch – 2 pair of hiking socks & a cat puzzle for my Birthday.  Also got a gift certificate for Trader Joe's – my favorite food store.  Smitty's just bought out by Calif. company.

Mom – do you have any pictures of you w/cast – walker – etc.  John told me how Miss Kate enjoyed riding w/you in wheel chair.  Seems like a dream now that Miss Wendy enjoyed riding in Grandma's Wheel Chair!

101º today – so I was at the city pool – lots of kiddies there – fun for the first hour!

Sid just called – he's finding NYC very expensive – he had treated 5 to supper meal at one of many Sara's FAVORITE Restaurants.  She isn't known to be conservative!

It's late & haven't done my minimum 20 minutes on stair climber.  Gotta be in shape for Estes!

Thanks again for card & check.  We also appreciate getting Guideposts every month!  Much love, Roberta

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