Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Email from MV - Jan. 31, 2002

From Don and Mary Crowson
To All
Sent Thursday January 31, 2002
Subject: finally a personal email

Hello, family!

It has been hectic here and I have good intentions of emailing, but obviously have not gotten it done!  Right after Christmas Ginny started playing basketball in the county youth league, and that has been interesting----they play twice a week, so we have spent our share of time at the gym!  It is more competitive than the other sports she has participated in thus far, but she really seems to like and wants to do it next year.  She has two games left ---Tues and Thurs. next week!  I will be sure to take some video to share!

Today Miss Ginny is home sick with a bad upper respiratory infection.  She woke up this morning with upset stomach and temperature, so we went to the Dr. and now she is taking a nap.  She'll probably go back to school tomorrow.

This morning when I dropped off Mr. Christian, his teacher told me his immunizations expire TODAY, so we will be traipsing off to the health department this afternoon to get that taken care of.  No telling what I'll have to brimb him with to let them give him the shots..... On the bright side, he is now toilet trained!  A couple weeks ago he just seemed to get the hang of it and has been doing fine ever since, which there has been GREAT REJOICING over!  His language is doing well--- so well that he knows to blame Ginny when he gets in trouble for something!

Don is doing fine; he has started some Physical Therapy to see if that might help his mobility, etc. a little bit, and quite possibly anticipating being assigned to a church this June (that would be in close proximity to Dublin).  Things at Pine Forest stay moving quite rapidly and I think most days I am keeping my head above water.  Getting ready to start up a Women's Ensemble soon and this fall want to try starting a Youth Handbell Choir again.

Hope this finds everybody doing well and staying healthy.  Love, MVUC

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