Monday, January 16, 2012

Roberta's excited

To Mom and Dad
From Catherine
email dated Wednesday 16-Jan-2002
Subject: Roberta's excited

Yes, the check came, sorry not to have mentioned it.  Thanks so much.  I will have the paperwork for the loan done by the time you get here if that is OK.  I enjoyed today's book review about brain research and the article in the NYT about Jane Brody.  I need to concentrate on bookkeeping for Best West for the next few days in what might otherwise be idle moments so back to work.  Love, Catherine

PS Roberta just called me all excited (she does get excited) about the address for Serena.  I tried to tell her not to get too excited yet as we have not yet seen or heard form her but I'm sure she will come up with someone she knows who can go check out the address.

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