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4-Jan-1992 letter from Catherine

The first Saturday in January found Catherine and Wendy at the mall, one of Wendy's then most favorite places, but on our way to Roberta's.  Roberta left for Ohio on Tuesday, 7-Jan-1992.  The letter is written on the back of receipt of Wendy's recent visit to the Dr. where she got a flu shot and some cold medicine.  Transcription follows.
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1-4-92 [Saturday]
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Wendy is trying on clothes at Robinson's right now so thought I'd try to get a letter started to send back with Roberta.  We have some things in the car to drop off at her house so hope to go by there on our way home.

I had the cyst on my chin removed on Thursday.  They put this humongous bandage on it – made me look like I had half my chin removed!  I have to go back to have the stitches removed on Monday afternoon.

I finished packing up all the Christmas decorations this morning and put them back in the garage for another 11 months.  I've also been trying to go through long-ignored drawers and sort things out to get rid of.  I keep up on my closet stuff pretty well but the drawers are easier to avoid.

Now we're at Dillard's – making our way through the dressing room of the mall!  It's 12:45 so we'll be able to take a break for lunch soon.  The stores are not crowded at all today.  The post-Christmas rush must be over!  A lot of the clothes are marked down too.

Thank you for the Christmas gifts.  We hope to go out shopping for the futon later this month and we also want to get a floor lamp for behind the piano.  The calendar from Russia with the picture of the doll I'm going to put up on the wall at work.  Wendy likes those decorative spoons.

4:10 PM – now at Roberta's so I'll close.  Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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