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1982 New Years Day letter from Mom and Dad

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NEW YEARS DAY 1982 [Friday, 1-January-1982]

Dearest Family –
We are more than a few days late but have either talked to you in person or on the phone – all except Aunt Virginia who we haven't been able to reach but plan to try again real soon.

Serena got home on the 18th of December – just two weeks ago today – (seems like a year ago now) and in spite of the ordeal she had gone through seems to be very much on top now.  In fact except for her face and soreness in her shoulders we feel she was most lucky.  It was so good having her here for longer than she had originally planned.  We took her back Sunday discussing various possibilities but she shocked us Monday when she told us that she had given her notice at Smith Bucklin and plans to leave there as of Jan. 29 with Columbus as her next move.  We had hoped that she might have something in mind for this spring but once she makes a decision she makes a whopper.

We had a nice Christmas – rather quiet but ended up less so.  We all went down to the Sankers.  Lynn was there (her husband was in Washington DC to present a paper before some convention of economists.  I am sure that they have a more illustrious title but don't know what it is.)  Lowell has graduated from ASU.  He has been carrying a low grade fever so planned to go to Cleveland Clinic to find out what might be causing it.  Bruce had gone out to Phoenix to help him drive home.  Lowell has had a number of interviews but nothing has come of any of them as yet.

After Church on Sunday we left for Chicago, with a BIG lunch stop in Hagerstown, Indiana.  Our previous stop there was some six years ago [~1976] when John and Nick Wallen and the family had been to Chicago.  Monday we drove some thirty miles west of downtown Chicago to the new Ben Franklin store that we had heard of, which features a new layout of areas.  The management calls it a more profitable unit, or in another sense there were more things that one really didn't need.

Monday evening we went to a Korean Restaurant, where our "family guide" is a big help, as some of their food is very HOT.  We managed fairly well with our chopsticks.  Tuesday noon we met Serena at work – very nice offices in the Illinois Center No. 1 then walked over to the Hyatt Hotel for lunch in Mrs. O'Leary's restaurant.  For a tie-in with history it was the O'Leary cow that started the Chicago fire.  In the afternoon we took in the Museum of Science and Industry, which we always enjoy even after all the visits there.

Wednesday morning we were on our way to New Vienna, with lunch at a cafeteria in Indianapolis.  We came through Eaton, Ohio where we knew that Jim Gooding worked and were somewhat surprised when he seat us us to our dining table.  The restaurant is called, "Antiquity House" and the decor is consistent with the name.  Jim asked about all the family.

Last night our Square Dance Club had a New Years Eve party, which was well attended.  Even had a little hoedown calls, we couldn't take too many evening of hoedown for we get dizzy too easily.  One of the girls' friends had invited them out for last night so things are in slow gear today with brunch and supper on schedule for the first day of the year.

School doesn't begin until Tuesday, Jan. 5 for the students as the teachers have a work day on Monday.  Mie Young has dril team practice but M.V. and I may go to Washington Court House as Wade's Shoe sale begins that day.  (Dad has Commissioners Meeting that day so we are freer to take off.)

[Love you all and hope to hear from you soon – or something in that vein, closing sentence not shown on this page.]

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