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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Jan 24

Letter from Mom and Dad, appears to have been written by Mom, with more news about Melba Fawley Harner, Roberta's new job in Mesa, MV and Mie Young's doings and more.  Transcription follows.  [My comments in brackets and italics.]

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Sunday evening - January 24, 1982

Dearest Family –

It seems like such a long time since we last wrote a letter to you all but we did have such a nice little trip to visit Roberta and the weather was really wonderful compared to Ohio's deep freeze.

Mary Virginia took us to the airport in Cincinnati last Saturday (1/16). The weather was so bad in Ohio that we didn't want her to drive down especially after her friend cancelled out because her parents' objected. But Phoenix had temperatures in the 70's. It continued beautiful until just about a half hour before we left when they had some rain.

Roberta is really busy looking after her little ladies [the first Senior Village type place in Mesa, Roberta please correct me if I'm wrong] - three of the houses are occupied (not counting hers) and others are waiting to come in as soon as the red tape untangles for them. We were amazed in what good shape the houses are in and all furnished with donations. Two nurses aides are on duty (more will come as the need for them with more people), and a registered nurse visits. All the little women are precious and you can easily see how much they think of Roberta. She sees that they do as much as possible for themselves - working well with them as well as the people on the staff. The cook who had been hired was a constant source of conversation as her experience even cooking for her own family was questionable. This will work out but going through the red tape of government hiring and firing is mind boggling.

Both Roberta and Marion are fine and have a lot of room in their house, which is in the middle house of the row of county houses. Charlie the dog loves to chew and fortunately they have an enclosed back yard, where he can run loose.

We are always amazed at the number of BIG and little stores in the Phoenix area and wonder how there are enough customers to keep them all open.  Dad spent one day at the downtown government complex and sat in on one of their county commissioner's meetings.  On the social front we went square dancing one night ... there are lots of clubs there to choose from.

Mary Virginia and a girl friend from Sabina met us Thursday evening at the airport, as Mie Young had practice that evening.  The non-stop flight each way to Phoenix makes flying there extra easy.

Today we celebrated Mie Young's birthday by going to the Golden Lamb for dinner, luckily we had a gift certificate from a legal client.  Very few people were there, wonder if it all could be attributed to the Bengal's football game today?  [Super Bowl XVI, Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers, SF won 26-21.]

On the home economic front we have been interviewing applicants for the Dog Warden job and was really surprised at the number of people that are interested in a job like that, pays less than $10,000 per year.

Yesterday MV had a full day as fourteen of their musical high school group left at 6 AM for Ohio Wesleyan for contests and returned at midnight ... nothing like youth to keep up the pace.  Then she read the scripture in church as well as had the special music this morning.  She is responsible for every 4th Sunday of the month for music.

Melba Fawley Harner is still undergoing tests in the hospital.  She was to get out Friday for the weekend but they did a liver biopsy so kept here there.  We do hope and pray that she gets good news but it isn't too encouraging at this point.  Stan Jr. and his wife are or have been in San Francisco visiting Marvin and his wife this past week - having planned the trip some long time ago.

Trying to type this and watch the football game - the Bengals are doing better but will have to come back in a hurry now to beat the 49ers.  There has been so much hoopla about the Bengals in this area - real excitement for Cincinnati win or lose.

[Love, etc. as always]

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