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Mrs. Uible's Program on Senegal a "delight" 1972

Wilmington, Ohio News-Journal Clipping - January 7, 1972, transcription follows.
 Mrs. Uible's Program on Senegal Delights New Vienna Women

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Mrs. Harold Uible delighted the New Vienna Mothers Club Tuesday evening at the home Mrs. Ernest Cochran with her program, The Safari.

Mr. and Mrs. Uible visited their nephew, Mr. Joseph Horton, in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, where he is serving in the Peace Corps.

She gave the following facts:
You can lay the map of the United States three times on the map of Africa and still have space left.  It is the second largest continent on earth.

The country of Senegal is on Africa's west coast and borders the Atlantic Ocean.  This point in Africa is closer to America than any other point of Europe or Africa.

When you fly into the country it is like entering a different world.  The people are dressed in native costume which Mrs. Uible showed with dolls and slides as her visual aids.  They speak French and seem at ease with tourists.  Malaria is still the most common disease.  One third of the children die before they are five and the average life span is 42 years.

The women wear their hair short with turbans around their heads.  They wear long tunic like dresses and carry their babies on their backs while they work.  They carry heavy baskets on their heads.  Even the little girls carry small baskets on their heads.

The women do most of the work and still pound the millet into flour by hand.  Beautiful weaving is done by the men.

Senegal is a flat warm country.  Snakes and monkeys are everywhere.  The chief crop is peanuts.  They are shipped all over the world in 220-pound bags on large barges.

Most of these people are Muslims.  They carry prayer beads with them and have a prayer ceremony three times daily no matter where they are or what they are dong.  If you are riding in a taxi and your driver is a Muslim, when prayer time comes, the taxi is stopped, the driver gets out, kneels, and prays for 15 minutes or so.  Only about 1-20 [5%?] of the people there are Christians.  Many people still use donkeys and carts for transportation.

Mrs. Carl West, president, opened the business meeting by asking that the roll call be answered with a New Year's resolution or a favorite Christmas gift.

It was decided to conduct the March of Dimes canvass Jan. 24.  Members will meet in the music room at the New Vienna school at 3:30 p.m.  Boy Scouts will help with door to door collections.

Mrs. Charles Hildebrant presided at the tea table beautifully decorated for the New Year in the recently remodeled kitchen and eating area of the residence.

Other members present were Mrs. Aaron [Charlotte] Hause, Mrs. Paul [Betty] Eltzroth, Mrs. Joe [Jean] Eaton, Mrs. Eugene [Margaret] Drake, Mrs. Floyd [Laura] Carey, Mrs. Gerald [Helen Jean] Bernard, Mrs. Donald [Martha Ann] Bernard, Mrs. Orville [Anna Louise] Harner, Mrs. John [Laura] Hughes.  Mrs. Linley [Florence] Moore, Mrs. Lawrence [Pauline] Terrell, Mrs. Warren [Mildred] Terrell, Mrs. Wendell [Virginia] Walker and Mrs. Vinton [Leona] Wolfe.

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