Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan. 15, 2002 email to Wendy/Ginny from Uible grandparents

Thanks for Writing
To Wendy and/or Ginny [though mistakenly sent to Ginny, then forwarded]
From Granddad and Grandma Uible
Dated January 15, 2002 10:15pm

[First a message from MV]
Mother – You may want to resend this to Wendy – I think you accidentally clicked on Ginny's name.  Ginny will enjoy your (other) new email in the morning!  Thanks for writing!  We have had a busy week with School of Christian Enrichment and tomorrow night regular church.  More later when I have more brain power.  Hope this find you all doing well and having a good week.  Love you, MVUC

[Now to the original message]
Dearest Wendy,
It was so good hearing from you and so glad that you finally were able to get my message.  It wasn't that good a letter but I had been trying to send it for such a long time.

I'm getting ready to have the Methodist Women's meeting tonight but waiting now for the kitchen floor to dry so decided to try to send another message while I'm waiting.

[This is the part that seems to have been written to Ginny.]  We will be seeing Kate and Andrew on Friday for we are to stay at their house all night and then Uncle John is driving us to the airport the next morning.  Any message you want us to give them?  Just before we come home we will get to see Aunt Catherine and Uncle Gerry, Wendy and also Sid and Aunt Roberta where they will be living.

Do write back real soon and tell us what you and Christian as well as your mother and dad are doing.  Lots of love and kisses to all of you, Granddad and Grandma Uible.

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