Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not in Boxes

Email from Roberta to everyone
Sent Thursday, January 24, 2002 12:54 AM [Ohio time?]
Subject: Swimming and

not in Boxes!!!!  But first things first, we are thinking of Cynthia and Murray as they travel back home today after being a HUGE help to us in getting settled in.  Tonight is our first night here [Sun City] – and we celebrated by going to first the walking distance recreation center where Sara was coaching us on different exercise equipment.

Then we can home – to where our pillows are now and went through a box or two and then were off to the indoor pool about 2 miles from us where Sara got coaching about the right ways to use the walking lanes.  You walk on the lines and in the direction of the arrows and and and.  WE have much to learn ... like reading the signs posted near the swimming pool.

Sid did have a very nice birthday, complete with fresh flowers from South Bend and their helping out the local economy.  It is a beautiful large arrangement with some flowers I know and many I don't.  Someone added some fresh roses from our bush out front.

We are making progress as we got the truck in the garage today and later got the car in too but then I couldn't open up the door to get out of the car.  So more work to be done in that area....  We had said earlier that the passenger could easily get out before getting in the garage but um ... how does the driver best exit.  Might need to rethink our plans on where the work bench goes and and and.

Now for the surprise news.  Sara and I will be up before 8 AM and off to the estate sales.  Now the news is not that Sara will be making public appearances at 8 AM – but Sid did say tonight that we should look for a pair of swimming trunks for him.  So stay tuned....

Thanks for the emails and most of the forwards and hope to hear more personal news.  Sid did find his glasses today and then yesterday he got his favorite keyboard out for the WebTV.  Beethoven is now out for a tour of the house.  We now have a cat door out to the garage and hope to move out his food and etc dishes out there.  And to think that Garage looked so big when it was empty....

My pillow is calling me – I think it likes its new home.  Actually we bought some new pillows ... where else but Costco?  Love, Roberta and Sidley too – he may by writing the next email!

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