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1982 - Letter from Mom/Dad to family

1982 continues.... Transcription follows.

Letter from Mom and Dad - 1-Feb-1982
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Monday morning --

February 1, 1982

Dearest Family -

Monday morning again and we didn't get a letter started yesterday with a full schedule - so good talking to three of you on Saturday (or Friday afternoon).  Hope all the birthdays went well and you all have a good new year healthy and happy wise.  Wish Serena the best in her trying temporary positions for awhile and hope she enjoys her new courses at Loyola - writing and philosophy.  Do let us know when your spring break is so we can make plans to visit you that weekend in March and hopefully John and X might go too.

Sorry to hear that the Elks is taking all or so much of your free time, Morgans but hopefully the paper work will soon be complete for the year and reports and you'll have some extra time.  [Gerry was secretary for the Madras Elks Lodge and Catherine did the bookkeeping for a couple years.]

Glad you are enjoying your message phone, Roberta and would like to see how it works.  Sounds like it has a lot of super features on it.  Anxious to hear how Marie the cook finally comes out.  I do hope it ends on happy note for her but can't see how it could possibly work out for to continue with Senior Village - too bad so many have lost weight.

Dad went to Ashland Wednesday to call on a ball factory that has been buying Wells' sponge balls (they make the gas pill type).  He had an interesting visit with them - lunch in their private dining room, etc.

Thursday afternoon we went down to see Melba at Holmes Hospital.  She looked so much better - she is on medication and starts treatments this week - one a month - chemotherapy and cobalt treatment, one which she will be able to have in Wilmington (Clinton Memorial) and hopefully she'll be home in the meantime getting home sometime today.  Saw Stan [Jr] and he had his wife had nice visit with Marvin and his wife - saw the mudslide area around San Francisco - wasn't able to go very far north or south because of this but did see Muir Woods.

Saturday MV, Dad and I went to Sabina and Dad got quite a few signatures on his petitions - only needs 50 but has well over that but it is a good way to meet some staunch Republicans who are active in their own locality but not known county-wise.  He also took some voter registration blanks and was able to get four new voters as well as signatures at one house - MV's EC friends.

As soon as church was over yesterday we took a group to Kettering to go ice skating  - plenty of ice on trees though roads weren't bad.  We ate at Wendy's on way there and then attended a Malaysian dinner and entertainment at Wilmington College on way back (just Dad, Mie Young and I).  The Wolfroms drove their van so were able to take the rest of the group home.

This week Dad changes his commissioner's schedule from Fridays to Thursdays (as well as Mondays) so he will have a little more time for Wells without just the three middle days of the week.

Kept forgetting to tell you Roberta that the oranges and grapefruit arrived in good shape and we shared them with many here - Thompsons ([former NVUMC] minister), Ruth [Shoemaker] and office staff of Wells as Eliz. Johnson.  Still have quite a few left of the grapefruit -- really good when we see Krogers advertising them 2 for $1 though theirs are slightly bigger.

Doug Oldham [gospel singer and entertainer 30-Nov-1930 to 21-Jul-2010] is to be in Wilmington Saturday night sponsored by the Church of God who hope to raise money from this to send a group of carpenters to Haiti to build a parsonage for a minister there.  The college won't believe they need or will be able to see 300 seats for this which would fill both sides of Herman Court bleachers.  It will be interesting to see and hopefully they will make it.  John and X are you able to come down for it?  Would be happy to have you.

Mother Uible, Mrs. Moore had another lump removed last week but was in church yesterday to refute any rumors that she was confined to the hospital.

[Love, etc....]

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Many thanks for retyping those "old letters". Ah the changes in thirty years. Have vague recollection an ELK memorial place in Chicago with you folks. Perhaps that was the time that you folks took the train trip from east to west and we took you from Cleveland to Chicago (1981?).

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