Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last minute errands?

From Catherine
To Mom and Dad
Email dated Thursday 17-Jan-2002
Subject: Last minute errands?

Good Morning!  I am little closer to my regular morning routines today after a shorter morning yesterday.  The next few days will probably mess me up again though as I have Friday off, work Saturday and Sunday and then have Monday off for MLK day.  The book review about Beethoven in today's WSJ didn't inspire me but I enjoyed the article on the front page about nasdaq becoming a verb "A market's woes..."  and the personal technology article about the new i-Mac on the front of section B.  I just found out yesterday we are getting one of those at work.  Have a good last full day in January 2002 in New Vienna [they leave in two days for a Panama cruise.]  Love, Catherine

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