Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Jan 4, 2002 email from Dad to Catherine

Subject Re: Happy Friday!
From Dad
To Catherine
Dated Friday, 4 Jan 2002, 10:46pm

Hi.  The food article in the WSJ too much for us.  Must be some book to weight in at 8#.

We were in Wilmington this morning at 9:00.  Peaches was a volunteer at the hospital, while I can always find things to do at the Court House.  Right now I have a case where the folks used a drug store type will and really messed up.  The judge has us down for an hour hearing this next Monday afternoon.

The first Friday is also the monthly meting of the Lawyers.  If I use the word "Bar" there often arises confusion.

We have had great weather here – virtually no snow and usually pretty sunny.  it has been down in the 40s for the Walkers in Florida.  Her two week absence really makes me appreciate her contribution in the office.  After 21 years she knows the routine AND the answers.

We have not had any experience in checking library books out on the computer.  Are you still reading any books on Route 66, or other old roads?

Love, Mother and Dad

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