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Jan. 13, 2002 email from Roberta

Subject: Yes but
From Roberta
To Mom and Dad
Dated January 13, 2002, 11:38pm

Thanks for your email.  That is the correct address for the Comfort Inn.  I did goof in mixing it up with the one that is near the Cracker Barrel.  That is the Beau... Inn.  The closest restaurant to the Comfort Inn is a Village Inn, and also a new Texas steak house and a Krispy Kreme donut place too.

Sorry I have not made a copy of the deed YET.  I thought of doing it everyday but....  Can it wait until you are here, Dad?

YES – we are moved in.  Or rather our furniture is moved in and great progress is being done to get the stuff in place.  Cynthia and Murray got here fine on Tuesday night.  They stayed the first night and then a couple more at 3501 W Vogel.  But the bedroom they were in was right next to 35th Ave.  And the noise was too much for them.  So they have been staying out of 103rd which works out fine.  We are continuing to camp out here until the 23rd.  At this point we have moved some of the furniture that had been out west that we donated to SV back in here so not all that uncomfortable.

I did talk to the neighbor man whose house is going up for sale.  He wants to sell it himself – without realtor and says he will wait until February 4th.  Its really a very nice place – blue chip property.  They do have a screened in patio which we don't have.  The house itself is a little smaller but the utility area is bigger and they have it fixed up with a desk, etc.  Of course we are hoping you will be thinking ahead and seeing yourself in the Sun City lifestyle.  It is within walking distance of the library.  And the swimming pool – well, the outdoor one, and just the right distance of driving to the heated pool and and and.  NOW – one of the best features is the neighbors and esp the neighbor to the south – has had experience caring for the elderly.  AND husband is very handy and a good cook too.  [I believe Roberta is speaking of herself and Sid.]

Another fine point is that it is within walking distance – 5 blocks to a very nice Safeway and a bread bakery that has their day old for $1.  Sid loves their excellent pancake size cookies.  We have tried many of their breads that have already had their birthday – and of course some of the cookies too in the name of research.

We were at the Sun City UMC last night for their 5PM Saturday service and then today at Trinity.  Tonight Cynthia and Murray are at My Fair Lady with Ruth and DC Black.  They went to another program with them at Grady Gammage on Thursday night.  The free tickets are a thing of the past but does work out well that Ruth and DC wanted to go to these programs as far as Pars going too.

The bunny rabbits sure come out at night in Sun City.  Its really neat to look out and see them.  Let me know if you want me to be on the lookout for a golf cart for you all.  The Civic is close enough to one for us.  Our auto insurance went down $600 a year just by moving there – and the fact that we have a garage there too.  Did I tell you of the surprise we had in the Civic being higher to insure than the Odyssey???  Was told it was one of the most popular cars to steal.

Gotta keep going.  Thanks for your email.  We did get your phone call but got back too late last night.

We did save some furniture if you folks want it – but its ok if you really want all new furniture.  Love, Roberta

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