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Letter from Mom/Dad Jan 30, 1992

End of January, 1992 typewritten letter from Mom/Dad of which I have scanned the first page below.  Transcription follows.

Letter from Mom/Dad 30-Jan-1992
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Friday -- Jan. 30, 1992

Dearest [family],

It's been a long time since we have written to the family.  You'll have to excuse the mistakes for the correction fluid/tape isn't working and I'm sure there will be a lot of other mistakes as well as I have been writing.

It's hard to know where to start.  We've been busy since Christmas - with Roberta here and seeing John, Julie and Serena all three a couple times.  Serena was here overnight while Roberta was here; we saw John and Julie the afternoon we took Roberta to the airport.  They were also overnight before Martin Luther King Day and we picked up Serena at the library in Hamilton and went to Cincinnati for lunch at the Maisonette which was a real nice experience in honor of her birthday.  Noon is a nice time to go price wise and the food was even better than I had remembered it.  Serena had to go back to work that afternoon so didn't have too long in THE CITY but did get to stop at Jungle Jim's Market near where she lives and got some unusual things there like the exotic fruit and cheese that she had brought for Christmas.

Do hope that Wendy continues to feel better and is able to stay in school all day now.  It didn't seem to affect her grades this report card which is very good.  Both she and Catherine have been practicing the piano so we are looking forward to a concert from both the next time we are together.

We had a long letter from Mary Virginia and Don written on their new computer printer which they are making good use of from Serena.  Don's sister, Linda, has had her jaws wired shut not to lose weight but because of other problems.  This was done in Gainesville and her mother will be with her there for two weeks.  We hate to think about them having to move in June with everything else happening but guess things will work out for the best.  It is a lot to ask Don's congregation to all tithe - not to much to ask but not too realistic.  Just hope MV doesn't overdo it by teaching at Lindsey Wilson so late at night.

We are planning to go to Newark this Sunday.  We will be leaving for New York on Thursday, Feb. 13 and meet the group there going to Israel on Feb. 17 and will return on Feb. 27th.  Meeting Bill ad the Cincinnati airport (Mary will be returning from New York with us.)

We will be in Jerusalem Feb. 22-24 at the Mount of Olives at the Seven Arches Hotel.  The other days in Tel Aviv (FEb. 18 and 25) and Tiberias (Feb 19-21) we will leave leave the addresses and telephone numbers at Wells.

Sorry that this margin is acting up now - the tape (correction) seemed to fix itself but now the margins are off.

I've really been studying the Operation Manual to learn what I've been doing wrong and then seem to get in more trouble....

[Love, etc.]

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