Thursday, January 26, 2012

Transportation, especially historic types and old roads, has always been of interest to me.  Here's an interesting picture on a postcard sent from Catherine to Wendy on 4-Jan-2002.  Transcription follows.
Postcard sent to Wendy from Catherine 01-04-2002. Captioned: A Swedish postal coach from the first part of the 1880s.  The coach carried mail and passengers.  Owned by the Post Museum since the beginning of the 20th century.
Postcard to Wendy from Catherine 01-04-02, Swedish Postal Coach
Hi, Wendy!
What's new?  Are horses a theme of postcards for 2002 – NO – so far the theme is transportation so that we can include yesterday's hot rod.  We even watched a kind of hot rod movie yesterday, "Crazy Mary, Dirty Larry" (or reverse the name) with Peter Fonda in 1974 back roads of southern California.  Have you worked out recently?  What are you reading?  Love, Mom

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