Saturday, January 07, 2012

Jan. 7, 2002 email from Roberta

Subject: Re: news
From Roberta
To Mom and Dad
Dated January 7, 2002 7:34pm

Hi, just got this now–not sure what time it actually got here.  Now both of you need to stay away from those close encounters with the floor!!!!  This could change Mabel's life. [Mabel Collier? who must have fallen.]

Had a meeting today with my big boss and they asked if I would be interested in doing marketing for the Foundations and esp the day cares (for elderly) and Senior Village.  I might be....  Also was asked if I would consider doing fill in for directors of adult day cares when they are on leave for medical and or long vacations.

Right now Sid and I have the truck packed for the second time today to head west. [Moving to Sun City.]  Probably will stop at Luby's coming back.  Cynthia an Murray get here tomorrow night.  We have tickets for them for 2 different cultural events.  One is My Fair Lady.  The other is a group that "played" in London for 20 weeks to sold out crowds.  The group is called BLAST.  Ruth and DC are going.  The tickets are $60 each.  I hope they remember how much they liked the show longer than I remember how much the tickets cost.  ha!

Gotta go.  Love, Roberta

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