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13-Jan-1992 letter from MV

MV teaches a Music Appreciation Class to help cover upcoming expenses for the birth of Ginny.  Just the beginning of the endless but oh so rewarding expenses of parenting.  Transcription follows:
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1-13-92 [Monday]
Dear Mom & Dad –
Thanks for the quick service on the calendar and on the Walker's condo – and I don't think we had thanked you for all the gifts at Christmas and your generous checks.  Thank you for taking such good care of us.

We originally spent the Christmas $ on a printer for our "new" computer.  When we started having problems with the hard drive, we took the printer back.  We found out Friday that the motor on the hard drive was about to go, so we've now bought a used (1 yr) disk drive to put with the monitor we got from Serena and another printer.

With all this confusion on computers, Don has not been able to start typing his Deacon's Orders which are due 2/1 – so he's taking exegesis in the spring instead of J-term in order to get that finished up.  Hopefully now he can get started.

A lady in my church gave me a starter for that  Amish Annamon [Cinnamon?, aka Friendship] Bread (Julie brought at Christmas).  I made my first batch Saturday when we had company (Jean & Kerry Davis from Tex) and it is gone already – less than 18 hours.  I will send you a loaf from the next batch.

Last week I started teaching a Music Appreciation class at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia (1 hour west).  They have a non-traditional program for people who work full time (blue collar jobs) and these folks can earn an Assoc. or Bachelor's degree just by going at night.  The class is 8 weeks long, 2x/week for 2½ hours and is worth 3 hours.  The students can choose from about 20 classes, taking 2 (first session is 5:30-8:00, 2nd session is 8-10:30 (central time).  Unfortunately I have the second session.  We meet on Monday & Thursday so I get home about 12:30 Eastern time.  The pay (what little there is) should pay my deductible and most of my out-of-pocket expense for the pregnancy/delivery.  [Ginny due in June 1992]

We are having lunch tomorrow with the DS to discuss possibilities on appointments  Don wants badly to stay here, but I don't think his church will come up with the extra $ to meet minimum salary.  They did decide to put in an electric garage door opener for us and a pale light in the back yard because if it being so DARK.  They realized when they came for the open house how DARK it is in the driveway – I was hoping they'd notice that the curtains don't fit the windows!

Sorry it has taken me so long to return the library card – I was surprised to find it in my bill-fold!  Hope you haven't done without.  I'm also enclosing the latest newsletter from the Murray's who are active in Russia.  I believe you might have sent them $ last year.

Hope you'll plan another trip to KY soon – probably after Israel I suppose.  Thanks again for everything.  Don is especially thrilled with his tie and shows it to everyone.  Hello to Grandma.

Love, MV & Don

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