Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1841 instead of 1842 and the "2" years

As you may have figured out by now, with my new "10-year plan" the focus of the blog this year is anything that happened in a year ending in "2" and/or anything else that rises to the top of the pile that warrants publishing now rather than waiting until the right year comes along.

This has helped me "organize" our family files and decide what should be published when.

For those of you who haven't read the comments about Alexander Bell Ballantyne, which you can do by clicking on "View Comments" at the bottom of this page, I've added the following information:

Just discovered in reading through family reunion notes done by Mary Frances "Fran" Cline Pizzella Gavey, grand daughter of C.A. Ballantyne (1875-1957, brother of our grandfather Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne) that Alexander Bell Ballantyne was born 25 Feb 1841 rather than in 1842.

Mary Frances (born 1928) is one of eight children of C.A. (or "Alex") Ballantyne's daughter, Anna Irene Ballantyne Cline (1904-1981) who married Clarence H. Cline in 1926.  They lived in New Cumberland.  She did two extensive booklets for their family reunions in 1999 and 2000, much of which focuses on the Cline family, but also contains information about the Ballantyne family.

If we condense all previous "2" years into one year, as we're doing on the blog, we have the following rearrangement of the order of the family in January:

  • Serena and HH were in First Grade
  • MV – Second Grade
  • Roberta – Fifth Grade
  • Ginny and Jean – Sixth Grade
  • Catherine – Seventh Grade
  • John – Ninth Grade
  • Serena and HH were Juniors in High School
  • MV – Senior in High School
Family and local history events that happened during "2"years:
  • Gladys Hiestand Uible was born, got married, celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary and her 90th & 100th birthdays
  • Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible was born
  • John became an Eagle Scout
  • Ginny was born 
  • The trip west for the Seattle World's Fair
  • NVUMC  struck by lightning
  • Lots of other things, big and small which make up our history.  

Suggestions, comments, corrections, or complaints are always welcome!  

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Correction! (And there may be more needed.) I think Ginny and Jean would have been in Fourth Grade at age 9 going on 10. Didn't add in all the grand-children, either, but you get the idea!

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