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11-Jan-1982 letter from Mom and Dad to family

A newsy letter written on a cold January day in 1982 which includes the expected family names like Mary Virginia and John, but also Aunt Virginia and mentions health problems of Melba Fawley Harner, marriage of Elvis Wiget's father and Treva Fisher's mother, the opening of Wendy's (which we already about here) and other exciting news of the week.

From the style and wording of the letter we can determine that this letter was written primarily by Mom.  Transcription follows.  [My notes in brackets and italics.]  Additional notes at the end.

Letter 11-Jan-1982 from Mom and Dad to family - page 1
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Letter 11-Jan-1982 from Mom and Dad to family - page 2
Monday morning - January 11, 1982
Dearest Family -

There is no school today and VERY COLD outside with a windchill factor of about 70° below zero. Don’t know of any school in the area that are in session. I was supposed to go to Dayton for the monthly meeting of Dayton Public Library Children’s Librarians plus these in the area but Jeanne Liggett and the Children’s Librarian from Wilmington thought it was much too cold and unnecessary to go so I cancelled out too.

We did go to Columbus yesterday after church and dinner at home. There weren’t too many out for services; electricity was off for three hours nearby which didn’t help attendance. We met John and X and had dinner with them at an unusual restaurant near the airport [94th Aero Squadron?]. But they were having their problems too. They said their thermostat was set on 80° but we thought it was because of all the windows it was so cold but just as we were finishing (having eaten with our coats around us) they told us they had a water problem and the restaurant was closing. The fire department arrived and they were most anxious to get everyone out. Mary Virginia wants to go back there to celebrate her birthday - it was fascinating - seeing mammoth planes from the Columbus airport whizzing by the window just ready to take off or come in - a wonderful place for plane buffs with a lot of memorabilia of early days of aviation inside the restaurant built to resemble an air force post.  They did have about four fireplaces located around the rambling rooms but unless you were right in front of them you didn't feel much heat.

X's grandmother is in the hospital with a blood problem - perhaps anemia so do hope that she is soon out and feeling much better.  John is in the process of filling out the applications to law schools.  It may be Ohio but the way the weather has been lately the temptations toward climate would have to be on his mind.

Keep going backward - Mie Young performed Friday night with the Drill Team between halves of the Clinton Massie East Clinton basketball game and did a very good job - it was their first performance with the pop band (of which MV is a member).  The drill team had worn their new uniforms and gone through their routine the night before at the Freshman game but understood they did much better Friday night having had a dress rehearsal.  They wear long sleeve red blouses, white shorts and boots shiny gray sequined hats with red band and shiny silver gloves.  It was the first game we had been to in two years and the girls said that the place was filled at 6PM.  There was a large crowd there from Clinton Massie and the visitors were ahead most of the game but the Astros finally pulled ahead and beat them the last quarter of the game.  It was one of the most exciting games that I have seen EC play.

Tuesday night was the pre-opening invitational gala for the VIP's as the guests of Wendy's in Wilmington.  It is really pretty with a lot of stained glass and seems larger than others we have been in.  Instead of the usual ribbon-cutting the mayor cut through a length of real money ($256 representing that many ways that you can get a hamburger there).  The money was then presented to Multiple Fibrosis chairman of the county.  They did serve champagne and soft drinks before the ceremony and then
kept passing more all through the time we were there to anyone who wanted more.  We sat with the Dave Baileys (pres. of the co. commissioners) and he practically had the full menu - chili, salad, triple (¾ pound) burger and then admitted he had forgotten he was coming there that night and had had lunch at the Washington Court House Wendy's.  Their salads are way above average - the salad bar that is.  Betty Fife admitted it was the first time ever in a Wendy's, she is the wife of the other commissioner.  The place was really packed and rated much higher than the opening of McDonald's a few years ago according to others.  Baileys said their children were really jealous.  One couple even took a bag home to their children - 16 and 19!  We thought that took quite a bit of nerve, for it was no small bag!

Aunt Virginia called last week and sounded so good - was hoping that something would work out for her to get some sort of a job - perhaps in the nursing home to occupy some of her time.  It would be a great idea!  Do hope and pray that something works out as her doctor is also receptive if not the instigator of the idea.  Mary Ellen and Tom Walkley like living in South Carolina - think they are both in the real estate business, I know that she is.  Just checked their Christmas card and he is in business for himself.  They sent a picture of their family in a hammock with a big dog in front of the four.  Her two boys are really growing.  It was so good to see all the Daileys at the wedding of Joe last February.

Melba Fawley Harner [see notes below] hasn't been feeling well for quite a while and went in for tests again after Christmas and down to Cincinnati where they found in a scan - four shadows - two in the brain area, one in the esophagus, and one in the lung.  Still don't know what it is or causing it but cancer specialist at Holmes Hospital told her she has indications of cancer without any symptoms - whatever that could mean.  Hope to hear good news soon.

Some of you may remember Ruby Davis - Treva Fisher's mother.  She and George Wiget - Elvis's father, were married New Years Eve. [see notes below] They are living out on Route 73 toward Wilmington but she is keeping her house in town - behind the old Baptist Church just in case she may wish she had it - a place in town sometime.

We leave Saturday for Phoenix and to see Roberta for a few days.  It is between Dad's Fridays so he won't miss any meetings of the Co. Commissioners' meetings (Monday is a holiday in Ohio for school and county as well as state people.)

[No closing, as this is a copy of the original letter.  In 1982, Morgans were living in Madras, Oregon.  We moved to Phoenix in 1987.]

  • Melba June Young Fawley was born 14-Jun-1926.  She died 18-Sep-1982.  
  • Melba married Orville Harner 21-Nov-1979.  
  • Orville David Harner born 2-Jan-1915, died 6-Nov-2003
  • Stanley Leroy Fawley born 26-Mar-1919, died 5-May-1979
  • Anna Louise Matthews Harner born 1920, died 18-Jun-1978

  • Ruby Moon Davis Wiget 1897-1984
  • George Samson Wiget 1895-1989, he married his first wife, Gladys Armstrong (Elvis and Floyd's mother), in 1916.  She was born 1899, died 1984.
  • Elvis Wiget 1919-1997  His wife Dorothea survives, she was born 1919 also.
  • Treva E Davis Fisher 1919-1987.  She married Norris "Glenn" Fisher 1916-1995 

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Treva Fisher's husband was Glenn. He was the son of Mrs Fisher who lived near the old NV postoffice (now the council room/library) AND was the big tipper on the WNJ route.

Elvis Wiget's wife was Dorthea and they have two boys. Did hear from her last year and is in nursing home in Delaware, OH, near her family. Elvis worked for Wells in the machine shop, always wished that one could find more people like him.

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