Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grand Canyon Hermit Trail postcard

Transcription follows.
Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon postcard sent 2002
Captioned: Riders on Hermit Trail enjoy the vista at 1,700 feet below the rim in Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park.  Hermit Trail is the easiest way to the heart of the canyon and is about nine miles west of El Tovar.
Postcard to Wendy from Catherine 01-17-02 Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon
Hi, Wendy!  Thanks for the post card – Tortilla Flats is a long way to go to mail one but the postmark is special and the Garfield "never too busy" card is very cute.  What a thrill to get two in one day – 3 in two days.  Wow!  I've lost my envelope that I keep stamps & return address labels - hope it shows up soon.  Congratulations on finishing the first week of school - only 15 more for the semester and all kinds of holidays and breaks to look forward to also.  We had chicken cacciatore for dinner with pasta - I had a veggie chick burger.  And I spent 3 hours working on bookkeeping, still more to do though.  Love, Mom

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