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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -June 25

June 25, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

Just finished lunch after a busy morning – in fact the whole week has been that way.

We helped the Kuntzmans off & on til they got off about 4:00 on Thursday for Ansonia.  They had a huge moving van & Rev. Kuntzman rented a U-Haul trailer from Wilmington to take the overflow.

Then that night Serena had a slumber (?) party – Mashell, Cathy & Mary Lou Dean, Barbara Bernard & Debbie Davis.

Yesterday while we were in Wilmington the Beers came to look over the parsonage and rearrange the pulpit, (while remodeling is almost finished at the church – though they are dickering about how/if to cover the floors of the downstairs hall and Sunday School rooms.)

Roberta went to a slumber party for Debby Fenner in Charma's trailer last night.  It was her birthday but R. didn't know it till too late.  Pam Thompson and Robin Streber were also invited.  They went to Arlene's restaurant about 3 AM & watched her make donuts & got to sample the odd pieces.

By the way several people are moving  – Nixons to the country; Hodsons have started a home in Hillsboro & will move in the fall; The Lloyds have bought a home in Decatur, GA (suburb of Atlanta & moving this summer.

If I don't end now this won't get in the mail.

Love, Mother

P.S.  Hope poison ivy & medicine are OK.

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