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1976 GHU Letter to Hortons from Hudson Guild -July 11

Sun. evening [July 11, 1976]
Dear Family,

Hope M.V. arrived safely.  I am sure she has been told that I left for N.J. before she left Cin.  I arrived on time in Newark ? (not N.Y.) & Roberta, John & (his roommate – that is not right) a friend from Wash. state who has charge of young peoples programs met me at the gate.  Very few people seem to be traveling.  I was surprised for that plane sure lost money.

At the present I have the room to myself & will get along nicely for John & R. will see that I get to the dining hall which is in another building & has  5  steps in the rear and more in the front.  We will all eat together ? if R. doesn't have a call.  She was on her way this morning at 7:00 to take some little girl to the hospital who had the ear ache.  She was back at 10.  These people have a cottage rented but no car so the Van driver is on call for the cottages here.

It is a very pretty place & people around want to help me get around not knowing that I can get around myself if no steps & doors cooperate as to width.  So far no trouble.  This trip was some of H's doings for he came in Thurs. afternoon & wanted to know if I would be willing to take a trip leaving Sat.  He had already talked to Roberta for she had wanted me to come up this summer but I told her I was very happy to stay in N.V.

I know that H. & J. were thinking about going somewhere but they hadn't said and I didn't ask.  I hope everyone stays well with us all scattered here & there.  They were disturbed when they went to New J. because the word got around to too many they thought.  They gave the Dr. credit for it.  Why Greece I don't know.  They just decided to go there I guess.  Any way the plans are for me to return home the 22nd.

I use a bed pan placed on a chair when getting up at night & at the present I have it turned upside down in a heavy sack for a stool & using my purse for a writing desk.  I suppose there may be a place in the lounge for writing but I am very comfortable at last the sun is trying to shine after a shower before breakfast.  If it decides to rain at meal time I may not get there for I can do without food better than to get wet.  After breakfast this morning John took me for a nice ride down a hill to the first pond.  We were afraid to go to the larger one they way the sky looked.

I want to go see his canteen I guess he calls his store.  He seems to think he is doing real well so far.  He sold over $100 worth of candy last week & said that was hard to believe & was going into Dover this week to get another supply.  That is when the Buick comes in handy.

I asked for a lighter weight blanket for my bed.  The one I had last night was heavy enough for zero weather too hot with it & too cool without it so I hope for a better night tonight.  I do have a very good comfortable bed & the pillow jut right.

I told R. the only objections I had there is no water in the room & the coat hangers (dress) are fastened to the rod.  I can't stand up & put a dress on those kind.  She had unpacked my things so as she or J. go & come I will try to think & have them to put away & take out.  Plenty closet & dresser space with a nice shelving stand between the 2 beds.  2 comfortable chairs but I use my own mostly & no rugs for which I am glad.

R. got me butter and cottage cheese & a few other things in boxes.  She has a lttle space in refrig.  We talked a little about calling Cris last evening & see if he could arrange to drive over next weekend for the day bringing M. with him.  I am sorry that he was upset over my opinion about different faith's joining together but it is only my one idea but I still would say the same to him.  It is entirely up to the couple whether it works or not.  I didn't think about Marianne giving him the letter to read.  He will have to pass up other peoples opinions when he feels he is in the right & do what he thinks best for him.  I hope the little Robbie [Robert Kintner] is all right now but he will have off times just the same as all little fellows.

The 4th is now past & your card arrived in my box the  7th  figure that one out as to timing.  The church group thought they might make $700 – since we need a new roof that amt. will come in handy.

I went to the Dr. Fri. forenoon.  Joann took me over.  He checked my heart, lungs & took some kind of blood test from 1 drop.  Everything all right he said.  At times I get a little dizzy when going to bed & getting up & he said forget about it for it was  age  & nothing else.  Dr. Hamilton had said when I had a little trouble it was nothing serious & it would go & come.  For church today I have my S.S. lesson.  There is a TV but I know how that goes.  No 2 people may want the same program or service.
Love, Mother

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