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1966 HH's Letter to Catherine -June 23

June 23, 1966

Dear Catherine:

We got your letter today and your new style envelope came thru in first class shape.  Necessity is the "Mother of Invention".  Grandma also got your card.

Everyone enjoyed reading about your many activities.  The trip to St. Louis sounds like fun.  You will also see the Jefferson Arch as you "zoom" by -- which is quite a sight -- even at a distance.

Just had a phone call from the parsonage about some plumbing difficulties so picked up the afternoon mail en route.  Your "2nd letter" was there which I took home.  Roberta said "How do you read this?"  You will have to tell us the answer, Catherine.  [probably contained data punch cards which could be "fed" into a computer for word processing – seemed innovative at the time!]

Yesterday, the Scouts, including John took their initial swim lessons at the Clinton Swim Club.  Then today the Girl Scouts went.  The lesson lasts about a half hour.  Tuesday night we had the Kuntzmans over for supper -- ice cream and strawberries.  Then last night Mother (her birthday) and Dad for more home made ice cream, but no lemon flavor.

Your mother has been helping the Kuntzmans pack for the last two days.  About seven this morning the moving truck showed up, which reached from their porch out to the street.  It got away a little after lunch so you can see that by the time they get the truck unloaded they will have had a BIG day.

John & Tommie slept out in the tent yesterday or rather last night.  Karol was going to stay with Serena, but after about two hours decided she wanted to go back home.

See Mr. Short's car up at N.V. school each morning, perhaps he is helping out on the summer program.

The Reds won yesterday -- thanks to some errors their opponents made in the 9th.  Ruth Lyons daughter, Candy, died of cancer.

Look forward to hearing more from you, Catherine, but remember we can't read the "holes" too well.


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