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1966 HH's letter to Catherine -July 1

July 1, 1966

Miss Catherine Uible
Room 111, Steagall Hall
S. I. U.
Carbondale, Illinois

Dear Catherine:

We are not too energetic this morning as last night was my turn at the ball park refreshment stand.  John and Serena were there until about 8:30 when Roberta came over and she stayed until about 10.  The rules are no inning will start after 10:30, but there was a tie so they played extra and did not get home until about 11:30.  Have you noticed that the Reds are having a good spell right now?

Wednesday the Kuntzmans were down, he was here for the funeral of S. Burton's father.  The children had lunch at home.

Been reading a book on the Last of the Mid-West, it tells about Shawneetown – now a wide spot in the road (the first town we passed in Illinois on our way to Carbondale) and how it was so prosperous even before Chicago was started.

The enclosed folder on St. Louis just came this morning which might be of interest to you.  Rudy was telling me last night that Linda is in Denver with the Lochrans trying to locate summer employment.

The Church redecoration is about complete -- the wood panel on the front and a light cream color paint on the walls, it does look real nice.  Also a cross on the front wall with a light behind that.  Your Mother has been working hard on Bible School plans -- which starts a week from Monday.

Looking at the map I am sure that we came home thru Missoula, but I can't really remember the town, tho on my first trip west (back in 1944) I do remember seeing the college there.  Have you been using the bike much?  Take it that you have recovered from the ivy.  Noticed that there were some healthy plants there in the "woods."  When do you take the college tests, Catherine?  Do you remember the Blairs (you had the monopoly game) in Providence R.I.?  Had a letter from them this week that he is taking a job as prof. at Univ. of Ill at Urbana.


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