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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 7

July 7, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We received your card today and always so glad to hear from you.  You mention Dave quite a few times but no last name? And tell us something about him.  You know we are all very much interested and would like to be filled in on some of the details.  Each card and letter answers a few questions but opens up many more.  We are still hanging on a cliff from the bus accident not to mention the students in the park (woods, rather).

Sorry the food isn't as good as anticipated but you won't have to worry about taking off all those pounds, perhaps.  We felt there must be something wrong when you only ate one blueberry pancake.  It is hard to get used to cooking for six at times.  I had enough waffle batter left over to freeze six squares.  We have been filling up on ham since we know it is one thing you won't miss eating too much.

Roberta came home from Day Camp with her wrist all wrapped in an elastic bandage yesterday and said she had fallen on it and sprained it.  This morning it was quite swollen but after talking to Melba Fawley decided it would be alright to let her go back to Day Camp today as they were to stay overnight tonight and she was really looking forward to that (as well as Serena).   But she called at noon today to say they had taken her to Dr. Plymire in Wilmington and had gone to the the hospital to have it x-rayed and though it isn't in a cast he told her to keep it in a sling.  She came home this afternoon but didn't want to miss the campfire tonight so went back for it & then is coming home afterwards.

John, Kevin, Louis, David and Daddy stayed all night in Lamar Thornburg's house last night.  Harold Thornburg just recently bought it and so Kevin invited them to stay in a "haunted house".  Then they all (except Daddy) spent the morning at the farm of Louis and David, and they rally had a GREAT time.  We couldn't get a word in edgewise at noon today for John's enthusiasm.

Mr. Short's address would be ok to write him at Leesburg for I'm sure he would get it.  The population of Ohio according to the 1960 census is 10,372,000 and the county is 30,014 and approximately 400 square miles in our school district.

Who addressed your letter to "Kate"?  Did you mean it was one of us?  John said it is just too hard to write letters in the summertime.  It's Roberta's right wrist so she now has an excuse.  I was going to send you Joe's address but Grandma said she was going to forward his letter to you.  If not, let us know if you want it.

Did you go to see "Kiss Me Kate" or was it rained out – you never mentioned it either.  I found some pictures of the family taken while visiting the St. Louis Zoo in 1960 (Daddy says it was 1958).

They were beginning to clear that area where the arch now stands.

Glad to hear you attended S.S. again – thought perhaps you might not have time if you were going to St. Louis.  Who else went with you?

Mr. Short would enjoy your comments on the selection of the students though I don't agree with you and I'm not entirely biased.

Please fill in more of the details and we'll try to answer your questions as they come.

All our very best love

Mother and Daddy

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