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1976 Catherine's Letter -June 27

[first letter from San Diego]
Sunday evening
June 27, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary,

Hi!  It was good talking to Mom and Mary on the phone yesterday. It still continues to be very hot here so we're lucky we have access to a cool pool.  It will be nice to have the electricity and gas (it's a gas stove) hooked up tomorrow so we can see and eat.  It's beginning to get dark now so I won't be able to write too much.

Gerry brought Deedee over yesterday and we all went swimming, played cards, etc.  She seemed to adapt to me OK which is good.  We went to her baptism this morning at a Lutheran Church near where she lives.  She and her cousin are coming over tomorrow to go swimming.

There were quite a few jobs listed in the classifieds today which sound like I might be qualified for.  Several of them were through a personnel agency so I think maybe I'll go there tomorrow and check them out.

It's getting too dark to see so I'll finish this later.

Monday evening

Well, we got our electricity today so I can now see to write even though it is dark outside.

We both went to personnel agencies today.  They take anywhere from 80-100% of the first month's salary but I guess it would be worth it if we get jobs soon.  I may go for some interviews tomorrow.  There were two jobs as receptionist-secretary at a bank and one as a legal secretary.  I said there was legal aptitude in the family  One of the questions they ask on a fact sheet at the agency is: What does your father do and how do you feel about it?

It was slightly cooler today but still (from what people tell me) unseasonably hot.  Roberta's clothes are really coming in handy.  I'm glad she has such good taste in clothes.  I don't know what I'd be wearing if we hadn't made our transaction.

We should be getting our phone within the next day or so – I'll let you know the number then.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Catherine  & Gerry

P.S. The cheese arrived OK.  We gave the cereal and some of the cheese to Serena.

Reds and Padres are on the radio right now.  Cincinnati is beating them 6-3 in the 8th inning.  First game of their series.  How is your softball team doing, Mary?

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