Friday, July 29, 2016

1976 GHU letter/card from Hudson Guild -July 16

Grandma's recent choice of postcards and notecards must have been limited to what was available at Hudson Guild.

Fri. morning. [July 16, 1976]

Hello Family –

I am here & there this morning.  Went to the TV room to read the N.Y. Times for no one was listening to TV & the room was light and no windows open.  Then comes a lady or 2 who wanted to talk.  After 15 min. I said I must wash my teeth & left.  Now I wanted to write & the cleaning lady has her equipment in the hall so I can't make it to the lounge to write so will stay in my room with card on my knees over papers.

Roberta told me this morning that Cris phoned last night so we are expecting him & M tomorrow from 10:30-4 – He or they had plans for the rest of the week end.  Would waited to write after their coming but wanted Mary V. to receive the picture before returning home & to mail Mon. might be too late.  The folks here all like Roberta & John very much.  R. left at 9 o'clock with 6 ladies who were to N.Y. or ? then she will return with a load.  The Van holds eight.  Hope she gets along allright.  We have had a card from the Greek travelers.  I have answered more questions than you can think, about this wheel chair.  They marvel the way I get around & to travel by plane would be unthinkable.  I have listened to some of the political talks etc. & of course to hear the Dem, – If Carter gets to be Pres. everything will be fine.  (We have heard that before.)

I am still for Ford regardless.  Now I am in the Lounge with several who are reading & have use of table.  Oh the food they serve.  I would rather have less food to look at & more maid service.  Clean linens were placed on the bed but you have to make your own & clean floor with mop.  I asked a lady about a mop because I wanted to get ride of the fuzz? from wool blankets.  So she gets the mop & cleaned my floor & wanted to make my bed but I told her Roberta would take care of that.  R. likes her roommate.  I always straighten up my bed each morning but don't change sheets.  The weather stays cool.

With love, Grandma

People read, crochet, knit, fish, swim, walk, card games & eat.  They have had 1 picture shown, or rather 1 evening.  1 Bingo, 1 dance, 1 singing, 1 The price is right.  It was real clever.  John drove the head lady here & myself to a retreat park about 1 mi. out of town.  A very pretty place.  It was fixed up by a priest for people to enjoy.

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