Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter to GHU -July 2

[Postmarked July 2, 1976]

Dear Grandma,

Hi! Can't believe we have been gone about 2 weeks now – I'm enjoying myself & think that John is too.

By the time you get this the 4th will have been celebrated.  How did it go in New Vienna?  Here we will have a little – but in New York City it will really be celebrated – because of that we will have a full house here of people who want to be out of the city!

Last night (as part of my job) I drove 8 people to see the movie "All the President's Men" – it's about Watergate – not really all that good.  Not too exciting – already knew exactly what was going to happen.  Once a week the mothers [?] get a night out & I drive them – hope they do something better next week.

I have tomorrow off – just plan to stay here – you know I have to save my money for my trip next fall!

Now both the Van & Buick are running in A-1 condition – I'm sure glad & hope it lasts!

My best ––


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