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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 21

July 21, 1966

Dearest Catherine,

We received your airmail letter this afternoon so don't think the air service is much faster than regular mail.  Enjoyed reading a typed letter from you.  I feel real guilty when I use your typewriter for I'm sure you would have enjoyed having it out there.  If it weren't so late we would send it out with Roberta.  I seem to hit so many of the wrong keys.  I just left it unguarded to put some cans back in the cupboard that Mark kept handing me.  (While I was gone he took over the typing.)  He and Jeff are here this evening for Rosalie's grandmother passed away.  I realize now what a great help older sisters are in looking after little brothers.  Just a minute ago he was gone and Serena and I went in opposite directions looking for him.  Serena found him over at Frumps having chased a ball there.  OH me!

There seems to be little new outside home.  Roberta is all excited about her trip and Serena has made numerous lists of what she should take to Camp Cartwright.  Rev. Beers is a counselor so that save two trips to Camden – we hope unless something unforeseen comes up.

I hope we are sending you everything you mentioned.  I didn't get out of town to get you anything new but no doubt you would say you don't need anything.  Roberta had Doris cut her bangs – much against her will – she had made an appointment for a week from today – and she was heartbroken when she came back – Doris had cut FAR more than I thought she might and Roberta was really heartbroken.  She can't wait til it grows back to its former length.

The Hortons have written that they are leaving for someplace the 30th of July depending on what weekend or rather week suits the Browns of Chautauqua the best.  They even have considered going to Washington the same time that we go – that not having been decided on yet by us – depending on whether you want to battle more heat and crowds in order to see Washington at its height as far as the latter two are concerned.  It is also possible that we postpone our trip to the end of October when you all have time off from school and everything else is more in our favor as far as going.  Or we could combine a trip to Washington at the same time either before or following Mary Ellen's wedding.  You can let us know via Roberta or give it a little more thought.

We went to the Lees Creek Ice Cream social last night and took Grandma and Grandaddy.  They seemed to enjoy it though the weather was on the cool side (first in many weeks) which curtailed the selling of much ice cream and perhaps deterred a few people.  Shirley Bernard's parents were there and said she had received a letter from you they thought but both she and Barbara are at camp (4-H) this week so she had not opened it of course.

Daddy has been working on cleaning up the vacant lot next to Thompsons.  He loaned Charles our new mower which is a real joy to ride compared to our old one.  It has a combination brake - clutch which is something to get used to – like driving a Volkswagen or any car without automatic transmission.  We have been mowing Rev. Beers yard and so teased him by telling he he was to mow our back field and he did most of it yesterday til the mower ran out of gas.

You might be thinking about what you want to do with that bicycle – if you have a friend you want to give it to out there – perhaps the church could give it to a deserving child or would it be worth the room it will take up to get it home with seven people in the car.  Roberta hasn't decided whether she is going to Carbondale to get you as it is the last week of Senior High camp – no one else is going from here but she has a friend who may go from someplace else.  Rev. Beers is also a counselor that week of camp.  Rev. Briggs is to go the first week of Sr. High Camp so they told her one or the other would be able to look after her.

Perhaps Dave would like a ride partway home if his grandparents don't come after him – if he could stand the trip with all the Uibles.  That would be a long way for one to come from New Jersey for a few hours of talk.  He has a long long road of studying ahead of him if he plans to become a doctor – perhaps a psychiatrist if he is taking psychology (you have never said but I figured the mice he has to take care of would not be for the computers group anyway.  [Dave became a neurologist, I saw him last summer in New Jersey.]

Serena's swimming class was cancelled this morning due to the cold – it got down to a low of 48 and noticed the weather out in St. Louis has been cooler too which should be a relief to you.

Tomorrow will be a busy day if we have to get Roberta to the train in Cincinnati by 8:00 A.M. so better close – Do appreciate your having Roberta come – her short hair almost made her cancel the trp at the last minute – but it does not look near as bad as she imagines it – it was clear down to her eyebrows.  Anyway thanks again and keep the letters coming.

Love from all of us,

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