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1976 Roberta's Letter from Hudson Guild -June 28

June 28, 1976
Dear Family –

Hi – Have put off writing – waiting for our 1st letter – but decided today that maybe you all were also waiting for our 1st letter.  The VAN has already broken down – happened Saturday in Newton – I had 9 senior citizens in it – had to go to the library – & take them shopping.  It would do nothing when I came out of the library – went inside & found a guy who pushed us & got it started.  Then in Newton it died – had to get it pushed again.  The van wouldn't even turn over – both times – no noise – no nothing.  Mr. Ream & Paul (maintenance man who also repairs vehicles) can't figure it out – so this morning some of the guys here will push it & get it started and then I'll be off to the VW Repair shop.

Other than that (except for the problem we had w/ the Buick) everything is fine.  The staff is a good one – my roommate is nice – she lives about 40 miles from here – she is wild about horses – much more than J.B. – living so close to "Black Beauty."

I've been keeping myself busy – in fact so busy – I've only written 5 letters since getting here – having written all of them the last 2 days.

I'm sure J.B. has written you – he seems to be doing VERY GOOD – he has already left for Dover today to buy more supplies.

I'm now at the VW place – finally got the van started by getting the pick-up truck to push it – sure hope the summer won't be a continuation of all this!

Your letter came today – THANKS – also appreciated the stamps – J.B. kiddingly said we could sell them.  He really shocked me the other night – J.B., Vince, Lois (my roommate ) & I all went out just to drive around – then later stopped to get a snack & he paid the WHOLE bill – no complaints – actually offered to do it!

I have to meet the 10:20 pm bus in Netcong tonight – part of the joys of being driver!  OH – the van got fixed – needed new starter.

John & Vince are youngest ones here – the US is well represented – different parts of the country that is.  Besides Marian & I.T. there is a boy from California; one from Washington state.  A girl from Johnstown PA – the rest from either Jersey or NYC.

I'm glad Mary V. is going to Fla in July.  She is more than welcome to use my suitcase  – Just drop me a post card – OK – Mary V?  Do tell Ruth S. hello from me – what is the latest on her – will she have to be operated on?

We are using the Indian bed-sheets – they add alot of color to the room.  All the senior citizens ask me about my trip – J.B. & Vince can't believe how many of them know me.  J.B. has made alot of friends here – ask him about Julia & Hildegard.  Right now – only about 30 people here – but this weekend will be packed – all the New Yorkers want to get out of the city for the 4th.

One of the senior citizens brought me as a present a 1976 Michelin guide to NYC – Right now J.B. has got it.

Food is again good – but this year I'm not able to have unlimited grapefruit – at least I'm not taking advantage of them yet.  It's nice to have friends in the kitchen.  We all miss Al – this year they will be using frozen pies – Al used to make 20 pies without making it seem like work.

As for my check – please send it here.  I've opened up an account here – also need some for operating expenses!!

What have you heard from Catherine & Gerry?  We had a post card from them in Denver.  I'm glad that they were able to stop by to see Serena –

Better close – It's late & mornings come quick.



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