Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1976 GHU's "temper" postcard to MV -July 14

[Postmarked July 14, 1976]
Mon. – Hi!  How is the ocean water these days?  Roberta took me for a drive around to see the cottages, etc. after lunch.  You would be surprised to see the food that they serve here.  I will say I am the one only about that always has a clean (?) plate – at my table – after a meal for I know about how much I am going to eat.  Several at my table insist that I should eat more.  I bet they don't eat this much at home.  I took myself out to sun this forenoon for it was a beautiful morning but on the cool side.  I will miss my story while here for we eat at 12:30.  John drove to Dover to get more mdse to sell & Roberta is busy doing this & that but they are always on time to take me to meals & dodge in & out during the days.  I am fine but miss my girlie in & around to  shop.  But I don't need anything now.  Have a good time.  Love to all, Grandma

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