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1966 Jean's letter to Catherine -July 1

Friday – 
July 1, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

I am sitting in the coolest place in the house – your room for the weather continues to be hot day after day though it hasn't reached 104 as you have experienced.  Roberta is out mowing the grass – did the Beers' first.  Serena is working on her new collection book and they have gained several new customers due to mail subscription running out – the Wm. Smallridges, Raymond Elliot (he lives with the Williams behind the Sohio station) and another one for Roberta that I can't recall.  The Curtises are just getting the paper on Wednesday now (the same ones that got it in the door.)

The Kuntzmans were all down for the two funerals (Shinkle and Mrs. Ridgeway's sister) both the same day.  I didn't see Rev. at all and only Mrs. K. briefly but the children were here a couple of hours and for lunch.  They seem to be getting acclimated in Ansonia but found out their house has alot of leaks due to a big rain they had the day before they came down.  Rennie is calling himself Al up there but I often slip and call him by his old moniker.

Patty is going to be secretary for Vacation Bible School and Carolyn is to be the pianist.  Roberta and Linda Shaffer are going to take care of any children under four – namely Mary V., David Thornburg and Mrs. Lee Carey's one or two.  IF mumps don't develop in the meantime for both David and Mary V.  Kris McGinnis and Peggy Fawley are to help Mrs. Linkhart with craft and Susan Deck is in charge of refreshments aided by Barbara D. and Cindy Burton.  Nancy Walker is to help Mrs. Hause with the youngest pre-school group.

Glad to hear you went to church last Sunday and Sunday School too I believe you mentioned.  And we are also interested in the others who went with you.  Are you finding it hard to study in this hot weather?  Or is it just hard to study (period)?  Do you have very much home work with it?  We are interested in anything you are doing and how you like it.  Hope you have a pleasant trip to Saint Louis this Sunday and all it offers.

Do you ride your bike very much?  Or go swimming?  Do you usually walk to classes?  Now that you have been there awhile is the food as appetizing?  A little weight wouldn't hurt you in the least.

Roberta and Serena went to day camp four days this week and it kept us hopping to take them over and back plus swimming lessons on Thursday.  Everyone slept in this morning.  As soon as Mary Va. was through breakfast she grabbed a camera and told us "Bye"  I asked her where she was going and she said "Girl Scouts" out of a clear blue sky.  She and Mark Beers are going to be quite companionable.  He carries around a yellow blanket that looks just like hers.  By the way, Mrs. K brought it home from Lakeside but never noticed the sheet or Serena's pillow nor found "our" watch.  I wore yours yesterday just to see how it kept time – ran for about 20 minutes and stopped completely so it definitely needs attention.

Donna Williams asked all about you last night & couldn't understand why you would want to go to school in the summer.  She did her practice driver's training this week & drove them to the meeting of VBS here last night.

We took care of the Beers baby the evening they moved in (Tues.)  He is just three weeks old today.  Mrs. Beers (Rosalie) seems very nice – red hair.  They knew the Donald Rupps from Eastern Star and so know a few people in the community.  Rev. Beers used the long communion service so had very short sermon last Sunday.  I believe Serena mentioned his short prayers.  He is also going to help with VBS.

Is there anything you would like to have sent from home – in the way of food or clothing – a CARE package perhaps.  Your new saddles arrived Wednesday.  Hope you haven't had any more blisters from the other ones.  I take it that your poison ivy is all gone for you haven't mentioned it either.  Roberta got some the first day of camp but it didn't last.  They have been wearing knee socks which no doubt help prevent it.

We plan to go swimming as soon as they are thru collecting and delivering tonight – They say they prefer the hot weather to the freezing for delivering but it has surely been plenty hot.  We went out to Shaffers last Sunday for a picnic and are invited out there for the Fourth with the two Allen families.  The Jim Allens have a membership at the Hillsboro Swim Club.  And we have seen Mark and Melissa at the J-R.

May add a note later but will close for now it is time for the papers to arrive.

Love and XXXXXX,


Grandma got her letter from you this AM & shared it with us.  Interesting about no. of applicants for NSF at SIU.

MV & I are on our way to Wilm. with Daddy to do a bit of shopping for groceries while he goes to the Court House.  We went to UDF last nite & they have changed it around. [sketch included]  Check out counter for milk & groceries on 1 side of back & ice cream on the other side of back with many more items on shelves.  They remodeled about six weeks ago she said.

Roberta talks about writing but know she'd appreciate a card from you  – also Mr. Short?

Love again, Mother

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