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1966 HH & Jean letter to Catherine - July 10

July 10, 1966

Dear Catherine :

Recd your Friday's postcard yesterday afternoon, which is zipping along.  We have been talking about when your test would be and we are anxious to know what you thought about it.

Your Mother has been working at a fast pace for the opening of VBS tomorrow.  They have had skits the last three Sundays in S. S. . . .  two of which were puppet skits and today they had one using the theme of a magic carpet, which really held the attention of everyone.

Yesterday we all went to Columbus, everyone got out at Woolco while Serena and myself went on to her appointment, then we stopped at McDonalds and got things for lunch and stopped at the first roadside park on I-71 on the way home for eating.  Had our swim suits with us and spent about an hour at the JR pool.  McDonalds is now on the New York stock exchange but do not pay any dividends.

Serena goes to Church camp two weeks from today, Roberta can go in three weeks or in five weeks.  She is undecided for she wants to go when her friends go.

This past week John got a card at the bookmobile and took out five books.  Said he really enjoyed reading about Simon Kenton -- history is his favorite subject.  For I forget it, what is the rest of the University center used for as we were only on the basement floor. Is the education building the place where the swimming pool is on the ground floor.  We looked in the building while we were at the playground that evening after we left you.  Serena picked up a folder on Quality Courts and note that they expect to build a motel in Carbondale?  Should we make our reservations there for your graduation in 1971?

The roto tiller has been handy in the garden, we are going to have a ripe tomato very soon.  The new berry patch is sending out runners and the beans are good.  Atch said to tell you that he misses your sugar cookies.

How is Dave N.L.N.?  Get the point Catherine N.M.I.  Was looking over the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce literature and see that they have a little more rain ON THE AVERAGE than we do here in Ohio.  Nothing like rambling around on different subjects.

The reception is all over and there was a fair crowd there.  After it was over we set up tables and chairs, etc. for the VBS tomorrow.  Nancy Henderson, according to her mother, is very disappointed because we don't need her to help with it.  Nancy just offered today - wasn't in Sunday School two weeks ago when we passed around a slip asking for volunteers.  Peggy Fawley was missed and Eloise Simkins, I heard was hurt because she wasn't asked.

It may ease your mind to know that no one is sleeping in your room this summer except for the very hot week that Serena used it.  Mary Virginia was hardly sick at all with the mumps and except for her neck being swollen those couple of days I wouldn't have known she had them.  David Thornburg took them Friday and Clark Roberts will miss Bible School because of them.

Monday morning – this is really an on and off letter.  We are mailing you a box today with a littler variety in it, Catherine.  Also forwarding you a shoe ad, with the zip number only on it, so let us know if you get it.  Your Saturday letter came this morning.   I think the paper business is about the same, been a number on vacation, then some of the people have stopped because of the high price.  Your mother has been watching the credit and believe you have some money coming from part of July.  Sound like your finances are in good shape.

Grandma told me that she had talked to Patty W. and C Collier who took the test Saturday.  We will mail you a picture of the house later.

Let us know how the box arrives.


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