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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 18

July 18, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

Well, Bible School is over and I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can relax and do some of things I have been wanting to do.  We received two letters and a postcard last Friday so we really hit the jackpot with mail from you !  So glad to learn a little bit more about Dave.  Ship Bottom is certainly a picturesque name and believe it or not we found it on the New Jersey map as well as Wayne (on enlarged map of New York City.)  I don't see how you have time for so many things like studying, writing letters, etc. for several of your friends said they had a letter from you last week – Holly, Weegie among a few.  Weegie just got back from Washington D.C.  Holly was out for a walk and I let her read one of your letters.  She has a bad looking upper lip.  I was teasing her about it.  She said that the doctor said it was either nerves or sunburn and I vouched that she had plenty of both.  We also saw her swimming at the J-R about a week ago.  Last nite as we were going into UDF I caught a glimpse of Diana Stewart as she was leaving with two girlfriends but just had a chance to wave.  Not sure she knew me.

Sunday we went for a picnic after church.  Roberta had written to a friend she had met from Morrow.  We picked her up and went over to Fort Ancient and stopped at the J-R afterwards; it was real hot and the water felt real good.  She spent the night and they are trying to talk us into letting her stay tonight but she goes to summer school and I imagine her mother expects her home.

Mrs. Davis [Mabel Osborn Davis 1890-1968] is moving into Dorothy Johnson Bernard's house across the street (between Tom Green's and the Brown-Nordyke house). She has fallen twice and wants a house without stairs and a first floor bathroom.  Guess she wants to sell hers.

Arlene Curtis bought the little apt. next door to the restaurant that belonged to the Sheldons.  It was sold at auction and hers was the only bid of $400.

It is now Monday evening 10:30 and Roberta received you letter this evening and she is all excited about going.  We called the bus station but they were busy and said to call back. We took Janice Carroll back to Morrow this evening after having a picnic at Lake Cowan.  (It –Lake Cowan– isn't too appealing after enjoying the swimming at the J-R)  So we stopped in Wilmington on the way home but the bus station was closed so will have to call tomorrow about bus schedules and also check about train connections and perhaps she'll take a combination.  John can't understand why Roberta gets to go and none of the rest of the family but is real nice of you to let her come.  I hope it doesn't inconvenience you too much.  Patty Baker was here when your letter came so she is counting on delivering her papers.  Janice has an older sister – 16, quiet and reserved like you and two younger sisters – 10 and 4 and a baby brother – 7 or 8 months old.  Her father has a hardware in Morrow and her grandfather knew your grandfather when he built the road through Morrow.  They have a parrot about 25 years old or older and she had a real loud voce.  She wouldn't say much when we were there but talks alot at other times.

The Sabina Pool opened yesterday and the radio said there were 600 there.  They are to hold an open house next Sunday – the day Serena leaves for Camp Cartwright.  Rev.  Beers is taking her up & back so it will save a trip or two which was quite a headache last rear if you recall when Cris & Roberta were due home from Sabina the same day.

Wilma [1933-2012] has been dating a widower from Williamsburg, Ohio and due to Kevin's showing him an invitation came to the closing exercises of Bible School Friday night.  I caught a glimpse of him but they did not linger afterwards.  He has a son who is entering Ohio State this fall and a daughter 13.  But he comes up quite frequently so something may develop.  Wilma is staying with her father [William Thornburg 1891-1977]  this week while her mother [Nellie Evans Thornburg 1900-2002] attends School of Missions in Delaware this week.  Peggy Fawley, Carole Salisbury and Mrs. Fawley are also attending this week.  Mrs. Salisbury went last week.

I took Roberta, Serena, John, Wilma, Kevin, Patty Baker and Linda Allen to see Heidi Saturday evening.  Heidi was played by                    Moreton – whose mother went to New York with you all on the Heiland Tour.  She was very good.  We talked to her mother before hand and she was asking about you & said how different you and Roberta are.  She has grandchildren as old as her "Heidi" daughter and a son who is going to U. of Cincinnati next fall.  Daddy knows them through the printing co. which Mr. Moreton owns.

Grandma's paper is real modernistic with blue  and gold design on a white background and the floor – her second choice – white with blue spatter print.  She had a time getting it done but think they probably finished up today.  Serena mowed her yard this morning and will finish it up tomorrow morning.  Roberta's arm is still in sling but she plans to take it off or out Thursday when the two weeks are up.  Carolyn Thornburg loaned her the black slings which she used when she broke her arm and they are much neater looking.  It was hard for R. to keep the others clean.

The Beers have two cars and we don't see how they get them both in their garage.  I guess it takes some maneuvering but he gets it done.  Last Saturday was the first time I had seen her car but Rev. Beers and Greg Linkhart went to Columbus to a Conference meeting of MYF presidents.

By the way, Mrs. Beers, Roberta and I went over to Wilmington to the Moonlight Madness Sale at the Wilmington Plaza but it was hectic.  I've never seen so many cars there and no great sales either.  Perhaps I was just too worn out to look but we did go.  All I got was a pair of pajamas for Mary Virginia.  Roberta got some things as you know shopping is one of her hobbies.  We shared a pizza afterwards and what a place that now is – I was rather embarrassed to be taking our minister's wife there for everyone was drinking beer at the tables but she was the one that suggested we go in.  Thanks goodness not many people know her yet or vice-versa.  There were an awful lot of babies both in the stores and in the pizza place.  We were so glad we hand't taken Mark or Mary Virginia,  Serena was sorry we hadn't taken her when she found out the next morning that we had gone.

It hardly seems possible that your time is more than half-gone but in many ways it has seemed like a long summer – certainly a long hot one that you won't forget.  We will be real glad to have you back home with us.  Mary Virginia now says you are at "college".  You will probably notice how much more she talks – not in sentences yet but she has a wonderful memory and still speaks to everyone – at times to my embarrassment.

Always glad to receive your letters and cards.  Hope everything works out for Roberta's trip.  She is all excited about it.

Mother and Daddy
and the rest

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